Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my Dad's birthday!

I like to think that I'm getting over homesickness, since I've lived in Kentucky for a year and a half now. Yet, I still feel that pang of homesickness when I miss stuff I would normally have celebrated with my family. My mom's birthday, the Superbowl, my brother's birthday, the NFL draft, my dad's birthday. I think I've been feeling more homesick lately because the hubby and I aren't taking our planned trip to Oregon this summer, since the house will be in the middle of construction. I guess that's part of being an adult, eh?

My Dad is hilarious. I think he uses a dry sense of humor to disguise his huge heart. He spends a lot of time with the sheltie that he and my mom rescued, and with the cat that I "rescued" in college. To be around those animals, it's completely obvious that they love him. My Dad was also a hospice volunteer for 5 years. He spent a large amount of his own personal time helping those whose lives were drawing to a close, running errands for them or just simply keeping them company. A typical night at my parents house involves Mom having a glass of wine on the couch, yelling at whatever sport is being displayed on ESPN that night. You'll find Dad in the rocking chair in the back of the room, with his headphones plugged into his laptop, watching whatever show, movie, or YouTube clip Mom doesn't want to watch. It's pretty funny to see.

In honor of his birthday, I've rounded up some of my favorite photos of our years together:

December '07. My brother's college graduation.

Taken a couple of hours after my brother's graduation. I think you can see everyone is feeling pretty toasty by this point. It looks like my Dad is making the hand signal for "phone", but I can't say for sure :)

Christmas '07. Dad's ready to open the presents.

Sept '08. The Oregon vs. Purdue game. Looking oh-so-proud of his son. There was a time when Jeff couldn't take a picture without a peace sign and sticking out his tongue. Sigh.

February '09. The Superbowl. Haloti is very interested in whatever Dad is about to eat.

July '09 on Jerame and I's wedding day. Grilling salmon and zucchini for the feast we devoured after the ceremony. Beer within arm's length of the grill :)

October '10. The day we took Jerame's mom to meet my family during her visit to Oregon, although it looks like a Game Day doesn't it?

July '11. Taken during my first trip back to Oregon after moving to Kentucky. Pictures of Dad smiling are slim to none. I promise, he is happy in these photos! :)

Still my trip to Oregon. Although I planned my trip for July so I could have nice weather, it was only sunny 1 day on my 11 day trip. This was taken on said nice day. Dad relaxing on the deck with my brother's dog.

Sept '11. My parents first trip to Kentucky, and I believe, Mom's first time to Kentucky ever. This was taken while exploring downtown Huntington, WV (about 20 minutes from our house in Kentucky).

Another pic from my parent's Kentucky trip. Dad loved this little former train station that's been reformed into a small shopping center.

I wish I had some older pictures, but wouldn't you know? Photos on my computer only go back so far, since previous cameras used to have film that was developed instead of photos that are uploaded to the computer. You know, back in the stone ages? Oh, how the times have changed!

Anyhoo, Happy Birthday Dad! Wish Jerame and I could be back there to celebrate, but I have a feeling things will calm down after this year and the hubby and I will be making regular trips back to Oregon. Hopefully Mom will let you watch a program on the TV tonight, instead of on your laptop. Just kidding, Mom! :)


  1. oh gosh I remember 1/2 those times,, lol remmber the 1st night i met you! or when your dad woke up one day craving cinnomon rolls hahahahaha!

    1. Boy do I! Jerame and I still joke about the day Dad woke up craving cinnamon rolls. Still gets a good laugh out of us!