Friday, May 18, 2012

Move Along

I've been waiting for this for a year and a half!

It's finally time to leave this rental home behind. I couldn't be more ready. I've always hated this house, and I am looking forward to a time when the moldy smell is out of all of our stuff and we can joke about the first house we lived in in Kentucky. That time is still a long ways off. I've been busily compiling a list of "The Top 100 Things I Won't Miss About This House". That's not a joke. I will probably pair down the list though, and give you guys the Top 25 after we move out. It will be hard to only pick 25 things :)

Don't get me wrong, I loathe moving. I've been packing and organizing all week. I haven't really made a dent either. Sigh. I'm hoping to get a bunch done today, plus the hubby and I are planning on packing all weekend. I'll be so happy when this is done.

Of course, moving out of the rental is only the beginning of our ordeal. We are moving out of here, and in with the hubby's aunt and uncle for 4 months, or until the house is finished. I'm keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that we have a dry summer and they finish the house early.

The dogs are pissed. The second the boxes came out, they freaked out. I was packing in the living room yesterday and they both hid underneath the ottoman. When I'm not packing and I'm sitting on the couch, they both have to be in my lap. They're lucky they aren't bigger dogs. Reassuring themselves they aren't getting left behind. Silly dogs.

I keep telling them that this is a good thing. There will be room to run in the new house. There will be lots of windows for them to look out of. There will be a fenced in backyard  that they can explore. There will be no mold. But wouldn't you know? They're dogs. They can't understand me :)


  1. Dogs don't like change one bit. If you were moving out of a refrigerator box they'd freak! (God forbid.) Wait until moving day. That will be interesting!

    1. Yes, I remember our last moving day. Miserable dogs. This time is different though, we have been taking loads of boxes to Martha's so moving day will probably just be furniture. I think I like this move better than the last!


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