Thursday, May 24, 2012

Product Review: Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow and More

I've got a round-up of products this time that I really wanted to love, but I was disappointed by all. I guess my expectations are high. I love trying new makeup though, so I'll have to continue to muddle through some products that I don't make love connections with. It's worth it to find that diamond in the rough, when you do stumble upon it.

1. Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow

I bought 2 colors in this eyeshadow, the taupe and the bright purple. The bright purple looks pretty bright in the little pot, however, I put on thin layers and didn't get a garish color. Cream eye shadow is a staple for me, it's how I get my eyeshadow to last all day. My faves and staples are MAC's Paint in Stilife and Urban Decay's Glide-On Shadow Pencil in Delinquent. Those shadows give me everything I need: Pigment, intensity, and most importantly, longevity without creasing. The first cream eyeshadow I ever tried was  Revlon's cream eyeshadow, back when it first came out (long time ago, I was in college!). That stuff creased in a matter of hours. I moved on to higher quality eyeshadows, and left creasing behind. Now that I'm on a budget, I'm wanting to get a better price on cream eyeshadow. This Maybelline version is the first drugstore brand I've tried in years. How do I feel about it? Eh. In case you missed that, that was an "Eh". The shadow glides on and the intensity is nice is when you first put it on. However, I came back hours later and not only had the pigment faded, but the shadow had creased. Dislike! I did run my finger over the creasing and it disappeared, but so did the pigment. Oh, and I do prime my eyelids for shadow. The verdict? I will not be re-purchasing this.

2. Salma Hayek Nuance Renewing and Brightening Serum

I got a really good deal on this one, so I had to give it a try. My staple serum is Olay's Daily Regenerating Serum, and I'm in love with that product. My secret affair with Salma Hayek's serum lasted a few scant weeks. Here's what I love about Olay's serum:
1. A little bit goes a long way.
2. I love the thick, velvety texture of it.
3. It makes me glowy when I put it on pre-workout.
Here's what I hated about Salma Hayek's:
1. A little bit does not go a long way. I have to use twice as much, and the container is smaller than what I usually buy.
2. It's texture is thin and doesn't feel as moisturizing.
3. I hate the applicator, which is a roller ball. Ok for an eye product, not ok for a full-face product.
The verdict? I'm not repurchasing this one. In fact, I don't think I'm even going to finish this product.

3. Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure in Plum Luck

Here's the deal on this product. The color is nice, and my pedicure remained chip free for a week. I guess I'm either picky when it comes to nail polish, or else spoiled by O.P.I. I'm not an expert nail painter, I have to do so much cleaning up after I paint my toes that I end using half a container of polish remover (little bit of exaggeration). The brush on this nail polish is impossibly wide. I just can't maneuver the thing. I had so many smudges outside my nails that I ended up taking half the polish off when I was cleaning up my smudges. I then took all the polish off, and started over. I was somewhat satisfied with the results the 2nd time around, but not completely. O.P.I. has the best brushes on their polish's, even a nail novice like me can do a decent paint job. The brush on polish is very important to me. Maybe I'm just out of practice with painting, but I'm torn on whether to try to learn to maneuver the brush on this polish. I probably will though, because I can get this for cheap and O.P.I. is $8-$9 a bottle. The verdict? Undecided, but there are many other products that I like better.

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