Monday, May 28, 2012

What I'm Loving For Summer 2012

I love online shopping! Right now I'm just a lurker, but trust me, once the funds free up... Well, I'm not saying I'm going to go crazy, but there will definitely be a little bit of room in the budget to reward myself for being soooo good. Here's what I'm loving for summer this year:

1. White dresses

I'm so loving the trend of white dresses. The ones that say more "fresh" than "wedding" of course :) I love this crocheted number from Victoria Secret. Turquoise is also very trendy this summer, and all the turquoise accessories look so smart with the white-dress trend.

2. Turquoise
And speaking of turquoise! I'm really into the laid-back, almost hippie vibe this summer. I think the sandal in turquoise would look fabulous with a white dress. A simple dress also just begs for a more elaborate shoe.

3. A printed bag

As a girl who almost exclusively carries a black bag, for some reason it's hard for me to find a print I like. However, I must be tiring of my rut because I've found tons of prints that I love for summer. Will I take the plunge? That remains to be seen...

4. Charm jewelry

Another turquoise item. Can you tell I'm totally into turquoise right now? :)

I love these bracelets from American Eagle! Might I add that these would also look amazing with the white dress trend? Then again, something like these would go with most summer looks.

5. Ombre mani/pedi's
I'm not much of a mani girl, but I love a summer pedicure. I really liked the ombre hair trend, and I'm also enjoying the trend on nails. I love the collections that Sephora has, this purple being my favorite. I really liked the pink collection and the black/grey collection has well. I may try to replicate this with my own polishes. I've got 3 similar colors, I might just have to get another 2...

Hope everyone is having an awesome Memorial Weekend!

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