Friday, April 7, 2017

BLT Poached Eggs with Avocado Hollandaise

This is kind of a spur-of-the-moment post, as I actually just made this dish the day before yesterday. I say "spur-of-the-moment" because usually I spend weeks or months working on a post. Making and remaking a recipe so I can take and retake photos. Rearranging the pictures in the post. And then, I usually spend a couple of weeks looking at the photos daily, deciding if I want to share them.

Things sure have changed since I first started the blog 😂 

This dish is so tasty though, I couldn't wait to share it. It's pretty darn easy and fool-proof for how delicious it is. You won't believe how simple it is to make the Avocado Hollandaise, I think it's 100 times easier than real Hollandaise! I also like the flavor better than the real stuff, but I digress. Let's talk about this dish and my inspiration for it! 

This dish was inspired by my Oregon trip in December. In fact, it's the exact dish that I enjoyed for breakfast at Alchemy, the restaurant owned by my brother's girlfriend's parents. My brother's girlfriend gave me some tips on how they made the dish, including putting brown sugar on the bacon before you cook it. Of course I took her advice! 😁

I found just a sprinkle of brown sugar was enough to lend a sweet flavor to the bacon's salty goodness. I baked the bacon for this dish so that I would have free hands to toast the English muffin, poach the eggs, and make that Hollandaise. 

Now, that Avocado Hollandaise. I was shocked, shocked I tell you, by how easy it is. You simply combine avocado, lemon juice, and a little hot water in the food processor. Blend until the avocado is completely blended. Then pour olive oil down the shoot and blend until frothy. At this point, I added 1/2 tsp of salt and pulsed a couple of more times.

And in the end you have this! Lovely, smooth, tasty Avocado Hollandaise. How's that for easy? I think you could even make this with a hand mixer. 

This dish comes together so fast in fact, that I will tell you my process:

I laid bacon down on the cookie sheet and sprinkled it with brown sugar while the oven was preheating. I then put a pot of water on to boil for the eggs. I also cut my tomatoes and got my arugula out at this time. As soon as the oven was ready, I popped the bacon in. While the bacon was baking (it bakes for 15-20 minutes), I toasted my English Muffin. Then I made the Hollandaise. The Hollandaise does brown after a while, so make sure you make the Hollandaise shortly before serving. As soon as the Hollandaise was done, I put the eggs in the water to poach.

The wonderful thing about poached eggs is that you can make them to order. I like mine runny. The runny egg smothers the bacon, lettuce, and arugula with deliciousness and the Avocado Hollandaise adds so much creamy flavor. If you don't like your eggs so runny though, simply leave them in the water for a little longer! 

After the eggs are done (I found my bacon was finished sometime while I was poaching eggs), it's time to construct your sandwich. Place an English muffin on your plate and top with bacon, then arugula, then tomato. Place one egg on top of the tomato and spoon a dollop of Avocado Hollandaise on the egg. Repeat with the other English muffin half. 

Voila! Dinner is served. Or brunch. I could see this being an excellent brunch dish, although I like it just as well for dinner 😁

Here's what Alchemy's version looks like:

I think I did pretty good! And hey, it's Friday! The weekend is the perfect time for brunch. Make this this weekend, I promise you won't regret it!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Recipe inspired by: Alchemy Restaurant in Ashland, OR. Hollandaise recipe by Food & Wine.

Ingredients (serves 2 with extra Hollandaise):

6 slices of bacon
1 tbsp brown sugar
2 English muffins, sliced in half
1 avocado, very ripe
1/2 lemon, juiced
2/3 cup hot water (my water was ~170º)
1/4 cup olive oil
1/2 tsp salt
4 large eggs
4 tomato slices
1 cup arugula
salt, pepper


1. Preheat oven to 400º. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper. Line bacon on parchment paper, sprinkle with brown sugar. When oven is hot, bake bacon for 15-20 minutes, or until crisped. Remove from oven, set aside.
2. While the bacon is baking, put a pot of water on the stove to boil. Toast English muffins, then remove to a cooling rack so muffins don't get soggy.
3. Make the Hollandaise- in a food processor, combine avocado, lemon juice, and hot water. Blend until avocado is smooth. Through the shoot, drizzle the olive oil until well combined. Add salt and pulse 2-3 times. Set aside.
4. Poach the eggs- crack eggs into 4 individual cups. When water is boiling, lower heat to a simmer. Swirl water with a wooden spoon and then slide 1 egg in. Poach egg for 2 1/2 minutes to 4 minutes, depending on preference. Remove egg from water with a slotted spoon and place on a plate covered with a paper towel. Repeat with all eggs (I poach 2 eggs at a time in the water, but it's easier to do it 1 at a time).
5. While eggs are poaching, slice tomato and get arugula ready.
6. When eggs are done, construct sandwiches. Place an English muffin on a plate and top with 1 1/2 slices of bacon. Top bacon with arugula, then tomato. Place an egg on top of the tomato, and then a dollop of Hollandaise on top of the egg. Season with salt and pepper. Repeat with all muffin halves. Serve immediately!

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  1. I think my mother would absolutely love this dish!

    1. It's perfect for anyone that loves Eggs Benedict plus bacon and avocado! Hard to go wrong in my book! 😃

  2. This looks and sounds amazing! I am surprised at how simple the Avocado Hollandaise is to pull together, not at all what I expected! So glad you shared this with us, great way to start the weekend!

    1. I was really surprised at how easy the Avocado Hollandaise was too! It's what gave me the push to try the dish, I mean how can you mess that up? 😜

  3. I am doing this ASAP!! I can't wait to give it a try!

    1. It's really delicious! I hope you like it Carlee! 😁


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