Friday, January 1, 2016

2015: By the Numbers

Oregon Trip 2015
Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a healthy, happy, and safe holiday season. Let's wrap up 2015 by summing up last year in numbers, shall we? Here we go!

1- Oregon finally has a Heisman Trophy!
59- amount of points the Ducks scored in the Rose Bowl (new record!) against Florida St. on January 1st

Image source: ESPN
32- amount of minutes it snowed on January 2nd
3- days the hubby moped around after the Ducks lost the National Championship Game to Ohio State
2958- Curse words out of the hubby and I's mouth during the National Championship
2959- tears cried over that loss
2960- tears cried when Mariota won the Heisman

Image source: ESPN
33%- amount of the 6-pack of Shocktop's Honey Bourbon Cask Wheat the hubby and I drank that we had decided to try (never again!)
2.5- days I read "Can You Keep A Secret?" in (went down like a fine wine)
42- amount of days my car was getting a new transmission

22,000- amount of miles on the car when it needed a new transmission
3.11- amount of miles ran in January (starting to worry about my 2015 goal)
5.5- inches of snow on February 16th
-16º- lowest temperature reached in Winter of 2015 (February 20th)
9- weeks spent in physical therapy for my back injury
21- tulip bulbs that sprouted in my garage over the winter

13- bulbs that turned into flowers after planting them
38- Games Kentucky won before losing in the Final 4
2,957- Curse words out of the hubby's mouth while watching the game
4- amount of days the hubby moped after the game
16- day in April the hummingbirds returned!

20- day in April we decided to get a puppy!
824- miles we drove to pick up Mariota
15.5- hours we drove to pick up Mariota

2.6- lbs Mariota weighed at his first appointment
24- day in April we got a late frost. Grrrr.
70- amount of tomato seedlings killed (altogether, and between multiple batches)

5- lavender starts that were ate by wild animals while the hubby and I were in Oregon
84%- percentage of meals I ordered Mexican food at while in Oregon

3.48- miles walked in Eugene one sunny day

5.98- longest walk in Oregon
14- days of sunshine while we were in Oregon (the whole time!!)
100%- percentage of new dishes I made in Oregon that were a success
6- Books read on vacation in Oregon
8- times I did yoga outside while in Oregon

2- visits to Rogue Hops Farm in Independence, OR

6.5- amount of people that spoke to the hubby and I about our Oregon Ducks gear on our way home from Oregon (one person just shouted "Go Ducks!")
1000- kisses I received from the dogs when the hubby and I got back from Oregon!
3.7- lbs Mariota weighed at his second appointment
200- money paid for a doggie socializing class for Mariota
infinte- amount of love we have for the newest member of our family added this year :-)
0- amount of miles ran in June and July
22.8- miles ran in August (the last week of August!)
58.6- miles ran in September

33.2- miles ran in October
21.6- miles ran in November

21- days we waited for the new bed and mattress after purchasing

60- days before my back felt completely normal with the new bed
23- days that lasted
65- minutes it took me to complete a 20-min MRI thanks to claustrophobia
49- amount of butterflies I saw on a walk at the height of butterfly season
10- amount of hummers we saw fighting over our 4-perch hummingbird feeder
15- amount of hours later I bought a 2nd hummingbird feeder
17- Day in October we got our first frost
7- strings of light the hubby had to replace on the Christmas Tree

3- sleepovers we had with our niece and nephew in 2015 (their 1st year being allowed to do this!)

2.5- batches of ice cream made with my niece during sleepovers
170- minutes it took me to make my niece's Red Velvet Cheesecake for her birthday

1.5- minutes it took her to inhale her slice of cake!

854- Round trip miles during our annual trip to Marion, IL
1500- mL of wine I was gifted for my birthday from the hubby's cousin and wife. Also, amount of mL of wine drank on Christmas Ev :-)
96- hours of relaxation we spent in Marion
27- days it's been since I've seen a chipmunk. Winter is officially here.

2825- Hits on my most viewed recipe of the year, Almond Poppyseed Muffins

403- Google+ followers gained in 2015
23- Blogger members gained
139- FaceBook followers gained
130- Instagram followers gained
56,620- Times my Pecan Pie Cake has been viewed, all time

5.5- Chapters written on my fiction story
145.97- miles ran in 2015, nowhere near my goal (you can't win em' all!)

~Happy New Year everyone! Let's make 2016 amazing!~

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