Saturday, December 26, 2015

25 Pasta Recipes


Happy Day-After Christmas folks! Did everyone have a great holiday with lots of friends and family? We sure did! Due to the holiday festivities yesterday, there was little time for blogging. The hubby and I have been go, go, GO! for the last couple of days. I'm definitely feeling it, and am ready for life to slow down just a bit. We've got our niece and nephew staying the night with us tonight, but come Monday, I should have some alone time. We aren't even planning anything for New Year's Eve, thank goodness. At the top of the list of my least favorite holidays you would have New Year's Eve. I'm always so-done with the holidays and usually 5 lbs overweight by the time it rolls around. This year, we are staying in. The more you progress into your 30's, the less you care about going out. Missing out on something. Not being in the pictures the next day. All the things that mattered so much in your 20's? Eh. I take em' or leave em' now.

Next week, I'll be publishing a bunch of year-end posts. It's hard to believe that all these posts I started in January are about to come to fruition. I think I said it 5 million times last year, but the whole year flew by! We are almost to 2016, probably the year that will be known for 24 hours a day of political commercials. *Groan* Anyone else dreading that too? I almost wish they'd do away with political commercials. Seriously, has one ever made you change your mind? Not me. At any rate, if you are tired of holiday food and just want to get back to something normal, I've got the perfect solution. 25 pasta recipes! Pasta is near and dear to my heart, and probably my number one comfort food, so I hope you guys enjoy this round-up :-)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Jessica - this is wonderful! Are all these recipes yours? If so, please submit to YG so we can promote this great Recipe Roundup! I have found several I want to make - Kelli

    1. Hi Kelli! Yep, these are all mine! I just took a few minutes this morning and caught up on YumGoggle! Submitted a whole mess of recipes! :-)

      I hope you try some of the pasta recipes, I highly recommend! Hope you had an amazing holiday Kelli!


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