Monday, February 18, 2013

Is It Spring Yet??

So, it's mid February. That time of year when it's still winter, but you are so close to spring you can't stand it. Clothing stores are bringing out their spring collections, with light fabrics and fun colors. Heavy winter clothes in muted colors, ski hats, and scarf's have become unbelievably tiresome. You can't wait to hurl them into the back of your closet until next year.

That's where I'm at. I'm ready for capri pants and t-shirts. Sandals and shorts. Self-tanner on my ghostly white skin. Warm weather. Due to my serious online shopping addiction, I'm coveting waaaay too many spring-y items. Here's what I'm really into for Spring:

1. Boho Bracelets-

How I love Boho. I find it so easy to pull off Boho in the Spring and Summer, and much more difficult in the winter. Bracelets are one of my go-to accessories, so I am considering just going ahead and ordering these. I'm having a hard time fathoming not having them. I'm also picturing all the outfits I could pull together with them. Argh.

2. Chambray Shirts-

Chambray is a huge trend right now, everybody's doing it :) I love this look. My favorite look of the moment is a chambray shirt with white shorts, and statement sandals. I'm also picturing a chambray shirt with capri pants, leggings, cowboy boots... The possibilities are endless. I like this long version from the Gap because, well, I like long shirts. I just do. Period.

3. Flat Sandals-

I love, love, LOVE the black sandals in the middle. I'm not huge into animal prints, but this shoe has just the right amount (minimal!). As a girl who used to exclusively wear heels, I've embraced the flat trend with open arms. Perhaps a bit too much, because my heels don't really get much use anymore... Flats are just soooo much more comfortable. I can already picture this sandal with the aforementioned chambray shirt and white shorts. That's hot. What? People don't say that anymore? Whatev's.

4. A Fun Handbag-

I'm still loving the stud trend. I think the black bag is super cute. I'm also loving fringe right now. I don't usually go with a lot of prints on my clothes, so sometimes a cute studded purse or something fringe-y can really punch up an outfit. I know I'm stuck in this chambray rut-moment, but once again, I can picture the fringe purse with the chambray shirt and white shorts. Maybe not with the animal print sandals, though. Perhaps with a cute pair of wedges or espadrilles? Yes.

5. Long T-Shirts-

Long shirts? Yes, please. Make it a graphic tee as well? Double yes please! There's nothing I love more than a cute t-shirt, but make it long and a little loose? You've got my go-to look for summer. I wear a lot of shorts in the summer, and I'm one of those girls that prescribes to the theory of only highlighting one part of the body, that part usually being some leg à la Angelina Jolie. I'm not going to be prancing around in short shorts with a tight, cropped camisole. It's just not going to happen people.

So, it Spring yet? It's still not time? Drat.

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Isn't it about time you reviewed some clothes and chemicals for Jerame and me? Maybe this is a feminist blog and I missed that somewhere along the line. If so, feel free to straighten the old guy out!

    1. I would, but I'm hopeless with men's fashion :) Jerame would tell you he is always on his own for fashion choices.

  2. OK. I'll do my own research. Thinking about some University of Michigan stuff. They have everything I need from underwear to shoes. I'd be SO cool!

  3. They have everything you don't need as well, such as Michigan Lip Gloss and Michigan hair ties :)


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