Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Doggie Days

How are the dogs adjusting to the new house? Well, Haloti loves it. He rolls all over the place, all day long. He runs up and down the hallways. He's got several windows where he has set up his watch post, and he regularly moves from window to window. In short, Haloti loves the new house. Gizmo? Well, Gizmo is another story. Gizmo, I'm pretty sure, is OCD. Every time he goes outside, he tries to run to the neighbor's house. He follows me around the house all day long, looking very insecure. For some reason, whenever I'm cooking in the kitchen, he hides underneath a chair. Giz is just taking some time, I'm confident he'll get used to being here eventually. He has to, right? :) As always, I've snapped many pictures of the boys in their new home:

Gizmo has come up with an entirely new pose for eating carrots :)

A monkey addict getting his fix

A wintery snow day in December. Haloti loves the snow.

Our yard looks so much better covered in snow.

I love that you can't see the mud surrounding the house with the snow blanketing the ground.

The view is much prettier as well.

Where Haloti watches me make dinner every night. It's the closest he can get to the food.

Gizmo and his bone.

The dogs at one of their new watch posts.

Guarding the house.
Happy Wednesday everyone!

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