Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Just Our Luck

The hubby and I were hoping to sign our construction loan this week, and begin construction on our home next week (to be honest, we were hoping to sign a month ago!). Yesterday, we found out we will definitely not be signing this week.

Our loan has been delayed for 3 weeks now, thanks to a title issue. I won't get into the whole story, since title issues are a complex problems that are hard to understand. Basically what it boils down to is that there was an error with the hubby's mother's father (did you get all that??) deeding his land to the hubby's mother. We had to have all of the hubby's mother's brothers and sisters sign a new deed (there are 3 sisters and 2 brothers, plus all spouses). It took us a while to get all these signatures. The deed was driven to Tennessee by one of the hubby's uncles, overnighted to Florida, and personally escorted by us to Cincinnati last weekend. Taking the deed to Cincinnati last weekend was an ordeal all in itself. The hubby and I had driven for an hour towards Cincinnati when we realized we forgot the deed, had to turn around, go get it, and then go back towards Cincinnati. We finally have all of the necessary signatures, the deed is notarized, and... our loan officer is on vacation.

Oh, brother. We talked to the branch manager at the bank yesterday, and she told us the earliest we could sign would be Monday, when our loan officer is back in the office. Apparently, at this bank, you can't have someone else handle your documents. It's a small town, this is a small bank. The hubby and I left the bank, stunned, ticked, and more than a little cranky. We are ready to get this thing going! We sought consolation at the local brewery, numbing our disappointment with local beer. That wasn't so bad, but how much better would it have been if it had been a celebration? We decided we would go back sometime when we are in much better moods.

If we sign on Monday, construction will start the following Monday. I so wanted construction to start next week. The hubby and I will sit tight this week, stare at each other impatiently, and day dream about decorating the new house :)

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