Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Workout Playlist #8

Ah, again, it's mid-February. I seem to be suffering from the wintertime lackluster-ly's. It's too far from swimsuit season to see the finish line, and it's that time of year when motivation is fading. Fast.

But this girl must forge on. I will not give up. Maybe it's because I'm a year older (yes, I realize that's silly), but my body seems to be responding slower than I'm used to with getting in shape. I do realize it's a slow process, so I must give it time and move my arse. Easier said than done.

As always, music is my go-to motivator, so I've been feverishly creating playlists. Maybe one of them will light the spark again. Anywho, this is a great playlist for moving fast during your cardio. I'm not tired of Phillip Phillips' "Home" or Fun's "Some Nights" yet. I also threw in some older favorites as well as Eric Church simply because, well, I love him. Eye candy. Yum.

Keeping it movin' till next time :)


  1. hello sweetie!
    Thanks a lot for visiting and following my blog. I really like yours - it's quite interesting and I totally identify myself with it. I would love to follow back but I can't seem to find your GFC list , please let me know how. Thanks a lot for your feedback.
    have a nice weeke

    1. Hello Aida! I had to tweak the GFC, I didn't even realize it wasn't working! Thanks for letting me know!