Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Recap: 7/14/12

Leaving another weekend in the dust...

The hubby and I were really anxious this weekend, because construction on the home is supposed to start today (Monday). However, it's 9:57 am and there's no one at the property. Grr. I'm not sure I would recommend the building process to anyone that's looking to get it done at an efficient pace. This has been the most drawn out and laborious process. I really think I might scream if they don't show up today.

Besides the hubby's and I's restlessness, we tried to just have a good weekend anyway. Saturday, we went to the mall in Huntington, WV, just to get out of the house for awhile and take our minds off construction frustration. We did some shopping, did some eating, and of course, did some drinking :)

We got a board game called "Wits and Wagers" while we were at the mall, so we busted that baby out on Saturday night for some family fun.

My latest wine obsession. I'm not into red wine, but I'm starting to branch out. I'm hoping this is like tipping my toe into the water, and at some point my immature palette will evolve to the point where I drink red wine by the gallon. Well, maybe not by the gallon... Wine always makes a board game a little more fun.

This is what happens after a few glasses of red wine. The question for the game that was asked had to do with Ferdinand Magellan, and I picked up my iPhone without thinking, and googled Christopher Columbus. Not cool, Jessica, not cool. My iPhone was confiscated until further notice.

I snapped this priceless one of the hubby shortly after the Magellan incident. But before confiscation :)

Rarely do we have a weekend without puppies. This is the only time I can ever capture all the dogs' attention at one time. That special time when they all want chicken jerky at the same time. Suddenly, I'm the most popular person in the house.

Upon making a purchase at the local Victorias Secret whilst we were at the mall, I received a free purple stuffed dog. Haloti became enamored with the stuffed animal and has declared it his property. This photo was kind of blurry, but still kind of cute.

He chose to "bury" his stuffed animal under this blanket. Right buddy, like we all didn't just watch you hide your toy under the blanket!

And finally, it's been hotter than hot! This Southern heatwave feels like a sauna, thanks to the humidity. This has also brought some crazy summer thunderstorms to the area, many of which have knocked out the Internet for a couple of days at a time. I figured I needed to blog today, because who knows how long I have until the Internet is taken out again?

Happy Monday! The hubby and I are sitting on pins and needles, forever waiting for construction to start. Please be today!

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