Friday, July 20, 2012

Home Construction- Day 1

It's. Finally. Happening!

It's about time! The long-awaited construction started yesterday morning. I don't think I've ever been so excited! They got the whole basement dug yesterday, and today they are digging the footer and pouring the footer! There will be concrete out there by the end of today. People were right when they said once it begins, it will go fast. I took lots of pics to document the first day of construction!

Trucks and equipment showing up for the first time.

Hubby's uncle standing at the edge of the "basement"

There's a huge hole in the ground!

More equipment... and lots of mud!

Breakin' out the bubbly

It's finally happening!

My eye was twitching as we tried to toast. 

Haloti LOVES champagne

Gizmo says, "Get that away from me!"

Me and the Giz

Our new sign

A toast at the property

And, toasting in front of the basement

It's been a rough month or so, but things are starting to look up :)

The wall of dirt they built is huge!
Stay tuned for more shenanigans in home construction!


  1. That is truly an awesome looking hole in the ground. Love it!

    1. Thanks Dad! We love the hole in the ground :) It's a start!


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