Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jessica's Top 10 List: Things I Will Not Miss About This Rental House

The U-Haul comes tomorrow. Countless boxes have been packed, and carted down the road to the hubby's aunt and uncle's house. I'm one day away from getting out of this h*** hole. Right now I'm feeling a whole lot of happy, and not-so-bittersweet. I've said this before, someday we will look back on this time and laugh about the 1st house we lived in when we moved to Kentucky. I can't imagine when that day will be, it's going to have to be after the last of the mold smell fades from our belongings. Someday...

I can come up with a million things I'm not going to miss about this house. In fact, I can't come up with even one thing I'm going to miss. I do realize I'm very negative about this house, but you would be too if you lived here! Anyways, I'll keep it short and sweet and pound out the top 10 so you don't have to read the top 100 :)

10. The Kitchen

The kitchen is a huge mass of things I won't miss. That wallpaper. Those cupboards. The musty smell of those cupboards. The vent for the stove that vents... nowhere. The red carpet. The dishwasher that doesn't work. Zero counter space. I don't have a picture, but the hideous light fixture that doesn't work by wall outlet, only a string.

9. The Carpet

This gross, 30-year old blue shag carpet. Smelly and stained. I'm throwing that gross wood baseboard you can see in this category as well.

8. The Pink Room

The room with everything pink. Pink wallpaper, pink carpet, and pink window treatments. It's so gross and it's seriously the size of a closet. In fact, we put up closet rods all over the room and did use it as a closet. If we had used it as a bedroom, we may have been able to fit a full size bed in there and nothing else. There wouldn't have been room to walk around though.

7. The Guest Room

That wallpaper. Those marks on the wall from the gold light fixtures you could adjust and move around that we removed ASAP. The insanely horrible carpet that we could never get to look any better, no matter how much we cleaned. We bought that brown rug just to cover up the worst of it. Ugh.

6. The Windows

I hate these windows. They all need to be replaced in the house. They are falling apart. They were dirty when we moved in, the hubby and I spent a couple of hours rubbing all the windows down with polish. Not a single window opens in the house either, except for 2 tiny windows in the kitchen. There is no way to air out the house. Huge pet peeve of mine.

5. The Basement

I hate the basement. It's unfinished, floods when it rains, smells rank. There's always bugs down there, even though we bombed numerous time after moving in. There's a sump pump in the basement, uncovered. That's right, it's not buried under ground. So gross.

4. The Upstairs and Downstairs Bathrooms

Where to begin? The upstairs bathroom. There was dirty, disgusting carpet in there when we moved in. The hubby yanked it up ASAP and put down vinyl. There was a shop cabinet mounted on the wall (seriously). We removed that ASAP, and put up an over-the-toliet fixture that was appropriate for a bathroom. We had to re-grout the bathroom (it was disgusting), and paint the bathroom. We had to re-finish the tub. The tub. First of all, the pipes are rusted there, so all the water that comes out of that pipe is orange and smelly. Second, they have the wrong size pipe draining the tub (too small and not up to code) so we couldn't shower in there anyway without the tub filling up.

So we showered downstairs. In a shower made for a small person. In a shower with barely enough room for 1 person. In a poorly lit room so the shower was always dark. Sigh.

3. Teeny, Tiny Bedrooms

I'm not going to miss that the only thing we could fit in our room was our bed, and our bedside tables. There was gross brown carpet in there, and honestly, we felt like the walls were closing in on us.

2. Poor Insulation

I hate, hate, hate the insulation in the home. I think there is none. You can hear everything outside, from our neighbors talking in normal voices in their yard to the baseball games down the street. The house can't stay warm in the winter, and can't stay cool in the summer. Somedays I have to use heat in the morning (because the temperature dropped to 50 degrees in the house overnight) and then air conditioning in the afternoon because the house heats up to 85 degrees during the day. So amazingly annoying.


This is the main reason I loathe this house. I never conquered the mold smell. I tried everything. I put baking soda everywhere, in every room, cabinet, and closet. I put Scentsy's in every room. I put air fresheners in every room. I sprayed air freshener constantly. I used Febreze constantly. I changed the air filter once a month and attached a scent packet to it. I replaced the scent packet every week. Every time I left the house and came back, I smelled it. I could smell it in my clothes when I went out, and constantly wondered if other people could smell it too. This drove me batty for a year and a half. I spent way too much money on air fresheners, along with my sanity. I'm so done.

We are out of here TOMORROW folks. Needless to say, I will probably take a couple of days hiatus until things calm down, we are settled, and there is actually time for getting on the Internet. Till then friends!

We did it!


  1. Well good riddance than! That kichen was wow lol! your new house will be all yours and wonderful! I hate hate my rental too but it will be a while before I can put it behind me

  2. Your day will come. I gritted my teeth and powered through to make it till this day. Good riddance is right!! :)