Monday, April 25, 2016

25 Tomato Recipes

Happy Monday! 

Wowsers, did this weekend fly by or what? I just can't even, I don't know where it went. I'll start with my doctor's appointment on Friday morning-

So, that appointment... It was first thing in the morning, 8 am. I was the surgeon's first patient of the day. Now, most of the surgeons I've seen, they start by asking me questions and conclude by giving me an exam. And truth be told, the exams are usually quite gentle. Painless. This surgeon started the appointment by giving me an exam. Somehow he managed to locate the exact evil spots on my back. Not only did he locate it/them, but he pressed insanely hard into them.

Imagine you have an open wound on your arm, and someone decides to stick their finger in there and wiggle it around. Does that sound horrifying or what? At any rate, as soon as this doctor pressed into these spots, I broke into a cold sweat and almost threw up on the floor. 

I know. Just what you all wanted to read on a food blog, right?

Needless to say, I spent the rest of the appointment trying not get sick on the doctor's shoes, yet somehow trying to pay attention to what he said. As we looked at my MRI results, the doctor mentioned that although I'd had injections (into an inflamed disc) previously, he wanted to try injections into my sacroiliac joint before any surgery. I obviously want to try everything possible before surgery, so I agreed. And then basically ran out of the hospital to get fresh air. 

Ugh. I did not like the doctor. I have an appointment with another surgeon in Columbus at the end of May, so the hubby and I aren't sure if we are going to wait until after that appointment to start these injections or just get started right away. 

So, not a lot of news. Just some news. I returned home after that and spent the rest of the day deviling eggs and making cupcakes to take to my niece and nephews on Saturday.

I spent Saturday with the hubby's family. Opening day of baseball for my nephews' was a major success! My youngest nephew got 4 hits in his game, plus his team won. My older nephew's team won too, with him getting a double, 2 singles, and catching a pop fly! After the excitement of baseball, we headed to my sister-in-law's for a cookout. Twas' a busy day. As for yesterday? I was moving slow, but I managed to get the grocery store where I immediately became tempted by organic herb starts. I've got a crazy squirrel in the garden who has dug up my basil seedlings twice, so I decided to get some basil. I also bought some rosemary to plant where my caraway never sprouted. I did manage to get those planted yesterday, but it was pretty much a Netflix-and-pajama's day after that. I'm suffering from a mild "Parenthood" addiction on Netflix :-)

And now, it's Monday. Crazy! In preparation of tomato season being upon us, I've got 25 amazing tomato recipes for y'all to make with your summer bounties. I'm so ready!! Tuck this post away for the dog days of summer!

Here we go-

~Have a great day everyone!~


  1. Sorry about that bad back! Those injections sure helped me. Hope they do the same for you. I am anxious to eat a tomato that tastes and smells real!

    1. Man, I'm hoping they work! The injections into my disc didn't make one iota of difference, so I'm hoping the ones into the joint are more effective.

      As for the grocery store tomatoes, yuck! I'm with you, ready for homegrown!! :-)

  2. Oh Jessica, I am so sorry about your back pain and that horrible doctor! I'd be changing doctors so fast. On a happier note, Congrats to your nephews on their great games!

    Thank you for all the links for the tomato recipes. I'm making a similar baked ziti for dinner this coming Friday since my parents are coming for a long weekend visit and my kids and grandkids will be joining us for dinner that night. :)

    Be blessed and I will be praying for you and your back pain.

    1. Yeah, I told the hubby I won't be going back to that doctor. The injections are done by a different surgeon, so I wouldn't have to see him again. Unless those shots don't work... But that's getting ahead of myself :-)

      I love baked ziti! There used to be a frozen Weight Watchers meal that was a ziti dish that was my favorite, it was actually the reason I created this ziti dish. Perfect for kids!

      Have a great day Debbie!

  3. That doctor does not sound like he has a good bed side manner. Ugh. Hopefully, if you choose his plan, his treatment is helpful!
    Your dishes look so yummy. The Mexican ones are really grabbing my attention right now, must be because it is like 40 degrees here and I am freezing! Any of these would warm me right up, for sure!
    Hope you have a great week! Kick some squirrel butt :D

    1. No, his bedside manner left something to be desired. I won't be going back to him! :-)

      I was just looking at pictures of the Tortilla Soup and I tell you, I want it badly now! I may have to make some today :-)

      I hope you have a great week too Kris!

  4. Ouch! I hope you get relief soon. In the mean time, come on tomato season! I can't wait for good tomatoes from the backyard!

    1. Thanks Carlee! I'm with you, I cannot wait to eat some tomatoes with actual flavor! :-)


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