Sunday, September 13, 2015

Lately: Fall 2015

Oh my gosh y'all. It's been forever, 2 months, 3 weeks, and 5 days since I did a Sunday post. In fact, my last "Lately" post was February 1st. Holy Superbowl Sunday Batman! I've got lots of pictures to share, you know, cause I haven't in a million years. Let's dive right in-

Oh, and if you don't like pictures of things like puppies and Chihuahuas, you may want to skip this post :)

BTW, that first picture is Mariota's adorable underbite. He's got horrendous teeth. When we adopted Gizmo, we were told he wasn't show quality because of his teeth. I'll tell you this right now, Mariota's poor teeth make Gizmo's look like pedigree quality. Personally, I love his messed up teeth. Nobody's perfect, right?

Gizmo and Mariota doing what they do best. Wrestling. 

Mariota is in love with his food bowl. After he finishes eating, he picks it up and carries it around the house with him. If you enter the room after being gone for 15 minutes, he'll pick up his food bowl, bring it to you, and proceed to rub it on you. That's the only way I can describe it. He wants to press that food bowl into your body, to make sure you know it's there. I've never had a dog do this before, and it's an endless source of amusement for the hubby and I.

Of course, he can't hold on to it forever :)

Mariota is becoming more of a pack member everyday. I love to watch them outside. Haloti leading, while Gizmo and Mariota follow him around. 

This is one of his new favorite places to sleep. It's hard to see in this photo, but the pillows are right next to the window. Right in the sun. Who could resist that?

He's a super puppy. I couldn't imagine life without him now.

Let me rephrase that last sentence- Gizmo couldn't imagine life without him now :)

A selection of Rogue beer that I found at my local Kentucky liquor store. I was really hoping to find a bottle of their Honey Kolsch, but no such luck.

And I still haven't figured out what to do with my Maple Bacon Vodka...

I actually took this at the height of butterfly season, the last week of July here. I walk a 5-mile stretch along the Ohio river where there is also a family farm. They grow tons of corn, and on the outskirts of the corn is tons of wild milkweed, right along the road. During the last week of July, it was a butterfly haven. I stopped counting butterflies at 100 on one walk, there were that many. It was gorgeous, and I loved every second of it. I wore a pink shirt one day, and got chased by more than one of these colorful fliers. 

Maybe next year I'll take my good camera down during that last week of July.

The hubby and I had our nephew stay all night with us for the first time last month. We took him to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner, and out for frozen yogurt. The boys had a great time bonding, and actually stayed up till 2 am playing video games. Me? In bed by 11, of course :)

Our draft for Fantasy Football last weekend. Our friend's son likes to think of the hubby as a jungle gym. It was too cute to not take a picture of.

The hubby and I ran our first 5k of the year last weekend, too. We'd only been running for 2 weeks, so it was tough, but we did it. I definitely didn't get anywhere near a PR, but I also didn't have enough training under my belt. I'm hoping I'll be in a lot better shape for Path to The Cure at the end of the month.

And FYI, my back continues to improve with the new mattress. Miracles upon miracles.

I couldn't help adding a couple of pieces to my Master Bedroom Update. I saw these gorgeous coral colored flowers at the craft store, half off, and I had to have them. I decided to replace my river rocks with turquoise colored rocks, in keeping with the colors of the bedding we chose.

I actually found this little turquoise jewelry holder at TJ Maxx. It was only a couple of bucks, but some reason I didn't pick it up. After wandering around the store for 40 minutes and thinking about it the whole time, I decided to get it before I left. It works great with our colors, and I like that it looks a little rustic. Or vintage. Or something of that nature.

Fall decor was put out on Sept 1. I normally fill my jars with citrus, but decided to switch it up until Christmas. 

I loved these little colorful gourds.

And I love having something different to look at for the time being :)

Fall means football. The two are synonymous in our household. I got this little sign in the summer, and put it back until autumn. The footballer turkeys? I couldn't resist, they were perfect for me and the hubby. 

I still really like my window box centerpiece, so I decided to just change it up a little bit. I switched out the baby's breath for autumn colored leaves and little pine cones. I also switched out the red polka dot runner for my brown one. The brown one just screams "fall", doesn't it?

It's really starting to feel like fall here. The temperatures are starting to fall into the low 60's at night, a good proportion of my hummingbirds have already moved on, I'm itching to bake with pumpkin, and most of the garden is just about done. I am still waiting on some tomatoes, maybe a zucchini. I'm also waiting on my potato experiment before I do a wrap-up gardening post for the end of my 2nd year. The hubby dug a very small potato out a couple weeks ago that was not rotted, so I'm crossing my fingers I get a harvest of organic red potatoes. We shall see, people. 

I hope everyone is having an awesome weekend! Happy Sunday Funday!


  1. What a GREAT post!

    Have a wonderful week ~ FlowerLady

    1. Thank you Lorraine! You have a wonderful week as well! :)

  2. Agree with Flower Lady! Especially since my cupcake holder is overflowing!

    1. Thanks Dad :) Better clear the cupcake holder, I'm sure I'll have some other scrumptious treat this week! Haha

  3. The cute in this post is just too much! Aside from Bubba (prejudice mom here!) They have to be the cutest chihuahuas in the world and yes, the teeth are adorable :)

    Congratulations on doing so well on your run. I know you think you didn't, but you did. You actually went and did something after what would make most people lie down.

    I love all the touches of Fall decor and that new jewelry dish is darling :)


    1. I have to admit, Bubba is darling. I think all Chihuahua's are adorable though. Someday I want 10!!

      I love that jewelry dish. It's amazing how one detail can cause you to take notice of a room. I still find myself admiring it, 2 weeks later :)


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