Thursday, July 23, 2015

6 Years

Warning- Picture heavy post.

For better-

Life at the beach.

Or for worse-

The hubby trying to teach a girl that can only pizza to ski.

Thunderstorms, cancelled flights, and sleeping in an airport.

For richer-

Building a new home.

Or for poorer-

Ugh, that awful rental.

We do not miss those cupboards. Or that wallpaper. Or that stove. Yuck.

In sickness-

TOO much fun tailgating :)

And in health-

Running 5k's.

To love and to cherish-

Till death do us part-

Important Lessons I've Learned From Marriage-

1. Always, always, ALWAYS have fun together!

Rock band.

Big ol' pile of rocks.

Halloween fun.

Christmas fun. Yep, Christmas :)

I found a stick!

Somehow, I survived the Bachelorette party.

Fun at a Red's game.

Family of goofballs :)

Ducked out at the Cincinnati Beer Run.

Snowman Selfie.

Green beer!

2. Love each other's families-

My family.

His family :)

Both sets of parents.

Our nephew Gavin, who is now 9!!!

3. A big, elaborate wedding doesn't necessarily equate to a long and happy marriage-

Just family and 2 close friends at the wedding.
Backyard ceremony including a chihuahua as the bouquet.

Partying down afterwards!
The wedding cupcakes.

4. A man that's handy is worth way more than money!

That's a whole lot of steelhead!
Moving us across country.
Building me an herb garden.

Happy 6th anniversary Hubby! I can't wait to see what the next 6 years brings! :)


  1. Congratulations on your 6 years together, may you have many, many more.

    I had 43 years with my dear husband and best friend. He went to his heavenly home Dec. 2012. I miss him so much and your post reminded me once again of how much I MISS the laughter and fun times together.

    Enjoy and cherish every moment together.


    1. I'm sorry to hear that Lorraine. I can't imagine being without my best friend, how tough it would be and how much I would miss him. I do try to always enjoy our time together, and I do cherish our time.

      Hope all is well with you Lorraine! Have a great weekend :)

  2. Happy belated Anniversary to the two of you!

    These pictures warmed my heart and some them made me almost fall off my chair laughing LOL

    May you have many more fun years together :)


    1. Thank you Rue! I did share some funny pictures, a lot of them still make me giggle after seeing them about a thousand times :) Thanks for the well wishes! :)


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