Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Top Recipes of 2014

Well peeps, it's almost 2015. Only 2 more days. 2 days that are holidays to me every year. 2 days, you ask? Yes. Today is my birthday (!!!) and tomorrow is, of course, New Year's Eve. I coast right into the new year every year after 2 lively days of celebrating.

Oh my gosh, typing that sentence just brought Adam Sandler's "Hanukkah Song" to mind. "Instead of 1 days of presents, we get 8 CRAZY nights". LOL. Instead of 1 night of celebrating on New Year's Eve, I get 2 crazy nights :)

I'm doing what basically every other food blogger on the planet does, and sharing my most viewed recipes of the year. Why, you say, when everyone else is doing it? There's a reason everyone does it- it's fun! I love looking at all I've accomplished over the year, it gets me revved with possibilities for the new year. And, like most other bloggers, it's fun to see how far you've come in a year. I know for me personally, my work and photos are getting better every day. I look at photos I took when I first started this crazy journey, photos I loved when I took them, and just shake my head.

Progress. It's what we all strive for.

So, I'm off to scout out a birthday mimosa, but first, I will share the most viewed recipes for 2014:

10. Oatmeal Creme Pies

And, the #1 recipe of 2014...

It's probably no surprise to anyone that the Pecan Pie Cake is #1. After all, it has been viewed around 36,000 times and let me tell you, not one of my other recipes even came close to that. Y'all love your cake!


  1. Happy Birthday! I'll celebrate your special day by eating some of those great Christmas cookies! My, time flies!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Dad! I'm getting rid of any lone cookies lying around my house today. I've been pigging out big time, LOL. Hope you feel better! :)

  3. I feel like such a bad blogger - no 2014 recap for me. Maybe I should start working on my 2015 right now and possibly I'll have one by the end of 2015. Oh, and Happy Birthday!!

    1. That's what I had to do Pam! I started all of my recaps at the beginning of 2014! I enjoyed doing it though, I think I'm going to keep it up for 2015 :) Thanks for the birthday wishes!


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