Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Banana Split Truffles

It happened one day at the store.

I wasn't in a hurry, and that's always a bad idea for me. When you are obsessed with food, the grocery store can be a dangerous thing. All the sights and sounds make my creativity swirl, and I get too many ideas. I spend way too long perusing the fruit and veggies, occasionally putting something that looks really fresh in my cart. The baking aisle is another aisle I get into trouble in. There's always newer, cuter cupcake liners to snatch up. A great sale on sugar or flour will move me.  I've also been know to acquire cake mixes on occasion. While I bake mostly from scratch, you can really doctor cake mix into something amazing. Or donate it to charity. The cookie aisle (i.e. the Oreo aisle) is another problem area for me. My family (ok, the hubby's family) is obsessed with Oreo truffles. They love these things. I've made countless batches since I debuted this recipe in December. I'll be making some today, in fact. So when I saw a package of Banana Split Oreo's, I could not resist. I would not resist. 

And I went for it.

And wow! These taste exactly like a banana split! While I thought they would be good, and might taste something like banana, I had no idea just how good they would be. Or how much they would taste like a banana split. Have no fear, these are perfectly banana-y. If you have a banana split lover in the house, they will luuuuurve these. Luckily, I was able to take most of the batch out to my sister-in-law's for her birthday, so I was saved from what would doubtlessly have been a binge-fest on Oreo truffles. 

I've mentioned before, these are completely easy-peasy to make. There's no baking! I think that's the best part. All you need is a food processor, a microwave, and a parchment-lined cookie sheet. Actually, I used a little bit of gel food color, but that's totally optional. And technically,  technically, you could make these without the food processor. It would just take a bit longer and some elbow grease to mix them by hand. But on the bright side, hey, you could totally crush the Oreo's by putting them in a ziploc bag and beating the crap out of them. A good exercise in releasing some negative juju, if you will. 

Someday, I will have made truffles from all the Oreo flavors. Mwhahahha! I already have Pumpkin Spice Truffles on tap, followed by Berry Truffles. All in good time my friends, all in good time. 

Total change of subject time. Here in NE Kentucky, we were treated to some spectacularly bad weather yesterday. First of all, I woke up to my back porch in complete and total disarray. All of the chairs had been blown over. Gusts of wind had knocked half my plants over. Rain had gotten in the kitty box. I cleaned everything up, righted my plants, and shook out the kitty blankets. I've turned the kitty box, so I'm pretty sure rain won't be getting in there again. The hubby is also going to build an extremely small lean-to to protect Sam's food from rain. Right now, we have a tote on its side that Sam can crawl into to eat his food. Something permanent is in order, though. After cleaning everything up, wouldn't you know, more severe weather rolled in that afternoon. The news hadn't exactly prepared us for this weather pattern, we usually have several days warning. Luckily, the hubby and I were both home when the sky turned black and a tornado watch was issued. We spent a little time in the basement during one squall, but as usual, we ended up being safe. For the severity of the storms, there wasn't a lot of damage in our area. We never even lost power. It still ended up being a pretty crazy afternoon.

And now today? It's supposed to be clear and sunny. Crazy weather. Crazy good running weather :)

So, in conclusion, if you see Banana Split Oreos at the store, I highly recommend picking up a package and giving these a whirl. You will not regret it.

Have a great Hump Day friends!

Ingredients (makes ~20 truffles):

1 (18 oz) package Banana Split Oreos
4 ounces cream cheese
1 (16 oz) package of Vanilla Melting Candy
yellow gel food coloring (optional)


1. Remove 2 cookies from package. Place in a ziploc bag and crush. Set aside.
2. Place remaining cookies in food processor. Pulse until cookies are crumbs. Add cream cheese to the food processor, and pulse until you have one solid chunk of "dough".
3. Scoop out balls of dough using a 1-tbsp cookie scoop. Place balls on cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. 
4. Melt candy according to package directions. Add desired amount of food coloring, if using. Dip balls into melted candy, then place back on the cookie sheet. Dust truffles with crushed cookie crumbs before the melted candy sets. Let truffles sit for 30-60 minutes before digging in. Store in an airtight container. 

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  1. Oh my gosh, these sound amazing!! So glad you are okay! We woke up to storms, but they cleared up pretty quickly!

    1. We had no damage at our house. Not even very much tree limb debris. But when I left to run errands yesterday morning, it became apparent strong winds hit just down the street from us! Trees were uprooted and a neighbors garage was destroyed. I'm glad we got lucky on missing those winds!

  2. You turned such ordinary cookies into such beautiful masterpieces! Thanks for sharing with Foodie Friends Friday. Hope to see you again next week!

    1. My husband's aunt has told me that before about these Oreo cookie balls. They are very popular around here! :)

  3. What a terrific idea! LOVE this! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Weekend come back soon.

  4. Oh, my word! I am in love with your truffles- pinning to make as soon as humanly possible! Thank you so much for sharing these with us at Treasure Box Tuesday!! Pinned! :)


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