Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Here, There, Everywhere

I feel like the world's worst blogger. When I get busy, my blog pays the price and falls by the wayside. Since anything edible is one of my biggest passions, I really like to write about food. My problem lies herein- I haven't really been cooking for the last week and a half. I mean, I have been, but I haven't been. I've mostly been making meals that are super-fast and/or I've already posted about. This does not equate to interesting blogging, since no cooking means no food pics. The hubby and I fly out on Friday morning, so I'm hoping to do some creative baking while I'm in Oregon. The lighting for taking foodie pictures is perfect in my parent's kitchen, another aspect I'm excited about. So be patient friends, recipes will come :)

 Over the weekend, the hubby and I participated in another 5K. This one was also for breast cancer awareness. The hubby and I were able to con one of our couple friends into participating with us, and we had a great time. I scored a PR, beating my time from the Path to the Cure by 2 minutes! I was pretty proud :) I ran the entire thing, I even turned on the gas for the last mile. Practice is definitely helping. The red hot question of the day: Will I be able to make myself go outside and run under never-ending gray skies and rain? I certainly hope so.

What do I have left to do before we leave? Off the top of my head... laundry, pack, wash the dogs, clean out the fridge/pantry/house of fresh food, get in a couple of more runs, and in general, make sure the house is ok to sit for a month. Argh. So FYI... the blog will be slow for the next couple of weeks. I always plan to blog regularly while I'm in Oregon, it just never really works out that way. It is vacation, after all.


  1. Ok you are seriously motivating me to participate in a 5K. Lord knows I could use it :)


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