Monday, December 10, 2012

The Finished Product

Oh lord.

This journey is almost over. The house was finished on Friday. We spent the whole weekend wandering around our house, staring at how beautiful it is. The hubby is like a kid at Christmas who absolutely cannot wait until Christmas to open his present. He wanted to start moving things in on Friday, until I gently reminded him we have to sign all of our paperwork first, lest we lose our warranty. He's still trying to get me to budge on that one, but budge I will not. I've waited so long,  I'll wait a little bit longer for my warranty.

We are doing the final walk-thru today, the painter is coming to fix any last spots, the bank is sending their inspector out today and wiring Schumacher the final payment. Early tomorrow morning, we are signing off on the project with Schumacher and we'll be moving in around noon tomorrow!

We have a U-Haul reserved and our "helpers" (the brother and sister-in-law) have lined up a babysitter. It's really, really happening! I must admit, until we are actually moving our furniture into the house, I'm still in a state of disbelief.

The hubby and I have noted that a lesser couple would probably be in the midst of divorce right now, after being unable to withstand the sheer volume of absolute crap we've been through. We made it still intact, and we're pretty proud of that :)

Some final pictures:

Finished kitchen. 
Finished dining nook.
Finished entryway. 
Finished living room.
Finished master bedroom.
Finished master bathroom.
Finished guest room.
Finished main bath.
Finished linen closet.
Crossing my fingers that nothing goes wrong today!!!

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