Friday, August 24, 2012

Construction Update: 8/24/12

For a week that started out without much potential, it ended on a bang! While the framers were supposed to show up last Thursday, they instead showed their faces on this Thursday. Better late than never, I said, but I still said it a bit crankily. That being said, they have gotten a huge amount of work done in 2 days. The first day they got the basement columns up and the floors on.

That hole in the floor will be where the stairs to the basement are.

Corner of the house, looking to the backyard.

Walls that were built but not yet set up after Day 1.
 Tons of progress was made today, Day 2. They got all the walls built and the frame put up. It was an awesomely amazing experience to walk through our house for the first time. Today was the first day I could actually see how the house is going to look. It felt fantastic!

Progress by the end of Day 2. The frame is up!

View of the frame, more front-wise.


We have a front door! Or at least, we know where the front door will be!

Looking at the Dining Nook, Kitchen, and Great Room.

Future laundry room.

Looking at the Dining Nook while hanging out of the Master Bedroom  window.

Backyard view from the Master Bedroom window. It might not look like much now, but someday!

The hubby hanging out in the "shower".

View from the Guest Room window. Gorgeous.
All right. So the project manager told the hubby the following things today:

1. The roof trusses (tresses? trussels? tressels?) are going up on Monday.
2. Shingles will be delivered and should be laid out by Wednesday.
3. The electrician is scheduled to come next Thursday and has been scheduled for 2 weeks.
4. The house should be under roof by next Friday.

Now, he hasn't exactly been the most forthcoming or honest man in construction that I've ran into, so I'm taking all his "talk" with a grain of salt. I hope he delivers, but I'm not going to be overly optimistic this time. Here's crossing my fingers the schedule keeps next week!

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