Monday, February 20, 2012

Product Review: Revlon Lip Butter & More

I've been meaning to review a couple of new products that I tried and I had just completely forgotten about, so I am getting around to it today! I love trying new products and I love even more when they work!

1. Revlon Lip Butter
I tried Revlon's Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti as I look best in a light coral. I have to say that for a product labeled a lip butter, this product wasn't as moisturizing as I hoped and didn't seem to be as moisturizing as Covergirl's NatureLuxe Lip Balm. However, I always put on chap stick 5 minutes before I put my makeup on so I don't have too much of a problem with that. I liked this color and I liked the pigmentation in this product. It wasn't too much, definitely more like a gloss. It's a build able product so if you layer a second coat on top of the first, you will get more pigmentation. I like it light, so I stick with a light first layer. The verdict? I would buy this again, but I like Covergirl's NatureLuxe Lip Balm better.

2. Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting Primer
I love, love, LOVE this product! I find it comparable to Smashbox's Photo Finish Primer. I put this on before my foundation and I do not have to touch up with powder the rest of the day. I do have to do an oil blotting mid afternoon, but then I am good to go! This is going to save me some moolah on powder! The only weird thing about is (and this may sound crazy) but I have to use a more sheer foundation with it. My normal foundation looks thick with this primer. This is fine for me, as I have several foundations on hand and I love using sheer foundation, but if you like using a thick foundation this may not be the primer for you. Use this primer and sheer foundation, and your face looks like your skin, only better! The verdict? This has been added to my must-haves and has replaced my normal primer.

3. Loreal Studio Line Plumping Volume
My hair color has been ever-evolving this year and I have noticed that dry shampoo looks gray on dark roots. Thanks to aging (I hate getting older! *tear*) my hair is noticeably flatter. On days when I don't shampoo, I have started just running the blowdryer all over my hair to start. I then spray this volumizer all over and then roll my roots up in velcro rollers the size of coke bottles. A shot of hairspray and I leave the rollers in for 20 minutes. When I take my hair out, voila! I have youthful volume. There are probably plenty of other volumizers out there that work but this one often goes on sale and I can always find coupons for it (I usually buy this for under $2). It also works, as my hair stays voluminous most of the day. The verdict? I love it, and I have kept buying it for quite some time now.

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