Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Good times in the ol' KY

Well, it has been a considerable amount of time since I last wrote. I am blaming the husband. Just kidding! Seriously though, we have been put through the wringer the last month! On Jerame's birthday last month (Oct 6!), he found out he had an interview for a really good job with a stable company. The interview was scheduled for October 13th. Needless to say, we prepared like crazy and Jerame was nervous as all get out. Anyways the day came and Jerame killed the interview, which began the waiting game. And did we wait! I really haven't been able to concentrate much for the last couple of weeks, much less sit down and blog. We found out last week however that the job was Jerame's! The company is now in the process of checking his background and we are hoping that Jerame starts at the beginning of December. This news couldn't have come at a better time! After struggling for the last year since we moved here, we both felt it was time for something to go our way! Hopefully my concentration will be back to normal this week. Seriously, my couponing suffered while I was distracted! That was a joke (actually, not really).

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