Saturday, September 10, 2011

Crazy Week

Too busy to blog? That's me. I have been running around since last Friday! As last weekend was Labor Day, there was a mini-family reunion among Jerame's family at his Aunt Martha's house. The festivities started on Friday night at our humble abode. We had Jerame's cousin and his wife along with Jerame's Aunt Martha and Uncle Ron over on Friday night for drinks and board games. I definitely over indulged! Saturday and Sunday were spent at Martha and Ron's eating, drinking, doing karaoke, and playing corn hole. Again, a lot of over indulging! On Monday the hubby and I tried to recover until the afternoon when we had our fantasy football draft with my family. Tuesday was spent shopping as I pushed off my Monday schedule. Wednesday, the hubby and I drove to Cincinatti to pick up medicine for his mother. This normally 5 hour round trip ending up taking us considerably longer when one of the back roads we take was closed and we got lost on the detour, losing about an hour. Needless to say, the trip consumed the whole day and we didn't make it home till early evening. Thursday was going to be my down time but alas, we decided to have Martha and Ron over for dinner. This transformed my day off into a major day ON as I cleaned the whole house, went to the store for dinner supplies, and began to prep vegetables for dinner. I ended up making Chicken Primavera with fettuccine, grilled chicken, and roasted bell peppers and broccoli. It ended up being delicious! Friday ended up finally being my day off. I spent it well with a nice leisurely work out, catching up on reading my savings blogs, and playing with the puppies. It was a busy busy week, I am looking forward to a slow down this coming week :)


  1. But watch out for next week when M & D come to visit. Back to crazy!

  2. You know, this week didn't really calm down. So basically, just went from one crazy week to the next. And you guys will be here next week, so yet another crazy week! What can I say? I live for stress lol :)


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