Friday, July 29, 2011

For the love of Chihuahuas!

For anyone out there wondering, it is my opinion that Chihuahuas rule the dog world. It is no secret that I love my Chihuahuas. They have an amazing and loving temperament and one look at their little faces can make you feel better about anything. I like to say that they are big dogs stuck in a tiny body. My 5 year old, Haloti, reminds me so much of big dog. Haloti could walk for miles just so he could sniff one more blade of grass and is incessantly curious. He loves to go for car rides for any amount of time, preferably with his head out the wind so he can smell the wind. He is incredibly friendly and never met a stranger he didn't like (the exception was one of Jerame's friends that had a full beard). He is not scared of anything either. The loudest thunder storm won't disturb his sleep and he spent 4th of July with his head out our car window fascinated by the fireworks. What really gets me is that Haloti watches TV! He sees every animal on TV, even animated animals.
Haloti as a puppy. Chihuahua puppies are so adorable! They are little round furballs that don't really look like Chihuahuas yet.
Haloti as "teenager". Starting to look like a Chihuahua but his fur hasn't grown out yet. I love his little pencil tail which didn't last long. 
Haloti had just discovered the mirror and loved to bark and howl at "that dog in the mirror"
Pretending kisses are his favorite thing in the world
I love this photo. His fur is so short at this point but you can see where his ear hair is starting to grow.
There was a time when Haloti couldn't even sleep separate from his toys, which Gizmo now considers  his.
Our puppy who is about a year and half old, Gizmo, is definitely more of your standard chihuahua. A mute till he was 6 months old, my husband was worried that he would never bark. From the research I had done on the internet, this is a common worry among puppy owners but most people said enjoy the time before they can bark because once they start, they won't stop. This definitely applies to Gizmo! Gizmo doesn't like to go on long walks and I end up carrying him most of the way. He hates the car and won't settle in the car unless he has his bed with him. He hides under the bed during thunder storms, shaking like a leaf. And he has no idea what Haloti is barking at when there are animals on TV. TV is a foreign concept to him. But, he is the baby and he is just adorably cute. His face is hard to resist.
This was our first day with Gizmo. He was 1.5 lbs when we brought him home, he fit in the palm of my hand!  Typical of chihuahua pups, he is a tiny round ball of fur.
Mother/Puppy bonding
Gizmo's tongue is always sticking out, as if his tongue is too big for his mouth :)
One of the most playful puppies I've had
This picture was too adorable to pass up
Even as I sit here writing this, Gizmo is growling at the kids at football practice down the street. The kids have been there all week but Gizmo still feels the need to warn me of their presence. I can't imagine life without my dogs, indeed I missed them like crazy when I was in Oregon.
Our beautiful family
The boys today :)

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