Monday, April 13, 2015

The Best Grilled Burgers

Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? I spent mine around the homestead. I literally did not leave the house. I had no intention of doing that, but somehow it just happened. I woke up with tons of energy on Saturday. The kind of productive, house-cleaning energy that doesn't pop up everyday. You have to take advantage of those moods when they come along, you know what I mean? Which I did on Saturday morning. Hello clean bathrooms, waxed bedroom furniture, and freshly scrubbed baseboards! 

I love when those moods strike. It's too bad they don't happen more often :)

I was ready to head outside later that afternoon, after the siren song of warm sunshine broke down my defenses. I'd been procrastinating on getting my early spring items out in the garden. Mainly because the last truly warm day was in March, ions before I could plant anything outside. But it's now time, especially for my romaine lettuces, which happen to prefer being planted in cooler soil. So, I spent a couple of hours with my hands in the dirt. I planted two varieties of romaine lettuce (Aerostar and Rouge d'Hiver), dill, Queen Anne's lace, marigolds, a beneficial insect flower mix, and sunflowers. Almost everything I planted this weekend are plants I'm attempting to grow to attract the right birds, bugs, and predators to my garden. Truly organic gardening. I need to get my carrots in, but we need to build a raised bed for them. I'm hoping to get those planted on Friday. Most of the herbs will get planted in May, I'll be starting cucumbers and other various vine-growing plants in the house soon, and finally, kale will get planted outside in June. 

I've actually prepared an early Spring/garden post for tomorrow, so I'll talk more about garden plans then. Today, let's talk burgers!

Even though hamburgers are said to have originated somewhere in Europe, they are almost invariably associated with American culture. 

Do you know anyone (born here in America) who hasn't had a hamburger? I certainly can say I don't. The humble burger comes in many different appearances- 

The fast food burger.

The steakhouse burger.

The frozen-patty burger.

The home cook's grilled burger. Oh, yes. This is the one for me. Every. Single. Time. And make it  a touch pink in the middle while you are at it! 

Yes, I do happen to live in NE Kentucky i.e. land of well-done meat and A1 sauce. I, however, will never acclimate to their culture of dry, chewy, bland, tasteless, overcooked meat. 

Can you tell my level of disgust with well-done meat? It's huuuuuge. I've got in-laws who tell me how much they hate hamburgers and even steaks. You know, cause they are dry. Chewy. Bland. Tasteless. It's basically a requirement to have A1 on hand at all times. I just shake my head. I'm also old enough to know that with some people, it's almost a mental thing. They see pink, and are immediately disgusted. Thank goodness I'm not in that boat. Give me a medium burger and I'm a happy camper.

Served with roasted potatoes. Because burgers and fries? Likethis.

Now that it's Spring, get outside and fire up that grill! The grill is my favorite way to enjoy hamburgers. There's just something about the char-grilled flavor it adds. I can't get enough. Plus, it's super-straight forward. Here at our casa, we don't believe in baby-sitting the meat. You won't find us pressing down on the patties, or fussing around the grill. Simply put the meat on, flip em' once, put the cheese on, and remove. Serve with plenty of topping choices. I always serve with a wealth of toppings because I'm the girl who likes everything on her burger. Everything. Everything plus ketchup and mayo. 

Yes, you need them both! It takes like special sauce. Probably because the recipe for most special sauces is mayo and ketchup...

Anyhoo... Fire up that grill. Whip up a batch of margaritas or open a cold beer, pull up a lawn chair, and enjoy a decidedly American pastime- grilling burgers! Have a great day everyone!

Ingredients (makes 2 burgers):

2/3 lb ground hamburger, 80/20 mix
1/2 tsp Worcestershire sauce
1 clove garlic, minced
2 slices cheese (your preference- I like American, the hubby likes Cheddar, and you may like Mozzarella. I say, bring it on!)
2 hamburger buns
toppings: sliced tomato, lettuce, pickle slices, sliced onion, ketchup, mayo, mustard (again, your preference)


1. Preheat gas grill over high heat.
2. Place hamburger, Worcestershire sauce, and garlic in a small bowl. Work the meat gently a couple of times with your hands. Divide the meat into two, and form two patties. Do not overwork the meat, or your burgers will be tough. Gently form the patties, and place them on a clean plate. 
3. When the grill is heated, scrape of the grates. Turn the outer burners down to medium, turn the middle burner down to low. Place patties in middle of grill. Close the lid. Cook for 3 minutes on one side. Lift lid, and flip burgers. Close, and cook for another 3 minutes. 
4. Lift lid, and place cheese slices on patties. Place hamburger bun halves on grill. Close, and grill for 1 minute. Remove patties and buns from heat. Allow patties to rest for 5 minutes.
5. Place patties on buns, and top with preferred toppings. Serve immediately. 

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  1. Your description of the midwest and A-1 was SPOT ON! LOL It drove me crazy too.

    Love a good burger :)


    1. I hate A1!! I keep it around the house strictly for the in-laws! They don't know what they are missing :)