Sunday, July 27, 2014

Home Decor: Coffee Bar

It's finally time to unveil my latest project, the coffee bar!

I have been wanting a coffee bar since before I had a house. Since before I even knew one would work in my house. Since the day I joined Pinterest, basically. An idea for a coffee bar was one of the first pins I ever "pinned". And now I have one!

I'm really happy with how it turned out. The hubby and I have been talking for over a year about doing this, we just kept putting it off. Well, now that my brother is coming to visit (did I mention my brother will be here in about a week and a half???) the hubby really wanted to get this put in. I put up a half-hearted argument, that we didn't need the coffee bar right now. But I just so happened to be at the now-unnamed craft store that I should be boycotting but I can't seem to stay away from, and I saw that shelf. The shelf ruined all my self-control and frugalness. I saw it, and I went nuts. I had to have it, and before we knew it, we had a coffee bar. Thankfully, the shelf was on sale and the buffet table was actually fairly economical. I picked up a few decor items to complete the bar, but we already owned both coffee machines and all the cups. Lets take a closer look, shall we?

One thing I love about the coffee bar is how much extra storage we've obtained. We've obtained counter space, where the machines used to be. I've gained storage space in my cupboards, where all the miscellaneous coffee items were, and where all the coffee cups used to be. I haven't figured out what I'm going to do with the extra space, but something tells I won't have empty space long!

I picked up these cute containers at the previously unmentioned craft store, and found the coffee cutting board on Amazon.

Same with these items. I picked up the tea container at the craft store, and found this cute teapot on Amazon as well.

If you know me, you know I love word art. You can find it all over my house.

I've got an eclectic mix of coffee cups, which I think makes the shelf look more interesting.

I couldn't decide on just one dish towel. I picked up this colorful one, and...

A couple of less colorful, more standard dish towels that still scream, "COFFEE!!!" A towel for every mood, if you will.

As you can see, lots more storage! I haven't even filled the baskets at the bottom yet, which is even more storage. I've got plenty of room to add more coffee cups to my collection.

And there you have it! I'm so thrilled with my latest addition. I've already gotten to the point where I can't remember what that corner of the dining room looked like without it. I also still find myself gravitating that way to stare at it. Pretty, pretty!

Something tells me when my dad comes to visit, the coffee bar is where you'll find him :)

I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend! 


  1. Super cute! We just got a French press after having less acidic, flavorful coffee in Europe. I think that's about as exciting as our coffee bar is going to get in this small house anyway. :)

    1. Thanks Lauren! I've read about European coffee, how much more flavor it has. It's on m bucket list to try :) Have a great day!

  2. I love it!!!! Now, I want one!

    1. Thanks Pam! I'm smitten with it myself :)

  3. Where you get the coffee bar table and rack from?

    1. Hi Harrison! We ordered the small buffet table off of Here's the link:

      Now the rack, I got that at Hobby Lobby. As far as I know, they are still carrying this rack. I waited until it was 50% off, then I snatched it up! :-) I don't think Hobby Lobby sells stuff online, unfortunately.

      Thanks for stopping by!

    2. Awesome! Thank you so much! It looks great by the way, you all did a great job!

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