Friday, August 31, 2012

Under Roof

It was a huge week in home construction! What started as some wood sticking out of the ground on Monday, became a house by Wednesday. The hubby and I did a walk-thru on Wednesday, and I just couldn't believe the immense amount of progress in 3 days. By the time we walked through, all the framing was done. We have doors, and windows, and closets, and stairs. All the scrap wood had been picked up, and taken out of the house. It was amazing! The only problem? The hubby and I are now very impatient, and the hubby has started spending a lot of time staring at the house :)

By the by, this period of about a month before we head out to Oregon is going unbelievably s-l-o-w. I want to go now.

Our lovely house.

Kitchen/Dining Nook/Great Room


Master Bath

Guest Room

We have basement stairs!

Back of the house.

The hubby and I, plus doggies :)

Goofing off :)

In our home!

Hanging out!

Front porch

Can we move in now???

Seriously, we could put a tent in the basement!
Well, of course we won't be camping out in the basement. Too much work has to be done. Yesterday, all the shingles for the roof were delivered. It was pretty cool. This semi-truck with 2 guys showed up, and they set up what appeared to resemble a conveyer belt from the truck to the roof. It took them, maybe, 30 minutes to unload the whole truck. Anyways, roofing starts on Tuesday. Again, I'll remain optimistic about this, but I will try not to be surprised if they don't show up till Friday. I may not be surprised, but I will be annoyed :)

Hope everyone has a fantastic Labor Day Weekend. We will be without Internet. Sigh.

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