Tuesday, August 7, 2012


As I mentioned previously, the hubby and I spent last weekend in Tennessee. It was my first time ever to Tennessee, cross another state of the list of states I've been. It's been awhile since the hubby and I were able to get away for awhile, so we enjoyed the weekend to the fullest :)

The weekend got off to a rocky start on our drive down to Lake City. The weather heading from Southern Kentucky into Northern Tennessee was less than pleasant and welcoming. We drove right through a severe thunderstorm for about an hour. I'm talking rain coming down so hard, we couldn't see out the windshield. Everyone on the highway either pulled over, or put on their emergency lights and began to go 35 mph. It was not fun. The weather cleared up about 5 miles from Lake City, but I was a nervous wreck by that point. I had been gripping my seat in my car so hard, my knuckles turned white. I was sooooo happy to finally get to our destination.

The rest of the weekend was a lot more relaxing. It was wasn't a very hot weekend, it was only about 85 degrees Friday and Saturday, but it was fabulous weather for chilling in the boat and having a few beers. Not so hot you sit in the boat, sweating. In true Jessica-fashion, I only took a couple of pictures. When will I learn? Probably never :)

View from the boat. It might look overcast and not very warm, but we got plenty of heat. The sun even came out a few times!

The hubby's cousin's wife (did you get that?) pulling the boat away from shore. His cousin and his wife like to just put the boat in the water instead of paying money at the marina. I would do the same! The hubby and his cousin had to swim from shore to the boat though, and they were both pretty tired. I was amused :)

Heading out on Saturday. My pre-way-too-many-beers look.

The hubby got in the water to try some wake boarding. I passed on this, and I'm glad. The hubby was super-sore on Sunday. And yesterday, in fact.

Me and the hubby.

Me and the hubby's cousin's wife (what a mouthful, lol).

We had an amazing weekend, and I think we were both kind of sad to head back to the real world. We were excited about reunited with our dogs though :) The drive home wasn't nearly as bad as the drive in. We drove through one thunderstorm that lasted for about 20 minutes, but the rest of the way was clear. Thank goodness! I can only handle so much stress in one weekend :)

Like I said, we are back in the real world. And that means impatiently tapping our feet, waiting on construction. Ha!

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