Thursday, August 9, 2012

Got Gravel?

Yesterday, this monstrosity appeared at our property. One big pile of gravel.

The hubby and I aren't sure where they are going to put it, or what it's going to be used for. This was the 4th truck of gravel that arrived at our property yesterday, and the only one that wasn't used for something.

I was awakened yesterday morning by the sound of big trucks. This noise never fails to get me excited these days, as it means work will be done that day. I roused myself from bed to peek out the window. Sure enough, lots of trucks were arriving. As I mentioned before, several gravel trucks were pulling up, as well as a couple of trucks with equipment, or machines if you will. I'm so technical :)

I always wait until everyone leaves before I meander over to the property so I don't have to talk to anyone. I'm just weird like that. I was pleased to see that they had filled in the garage area, which you are looking at in this picture.

They also filled in where our entryway will be.

This will eventually be one of the basement windows.

The boys always have to come over and inspect the work that was done for the day. They always need a smell-verification that there were no dogs at the property that day. You can see that they filled in the space between the house and hole they dug with dirt. So, no more dangerous drop around the sides of the house. Yay!

Side of the house where they've built up a wall of dirt. Don't worry, it will be grass someday. Someday.

Haloti got something in his nose and a sneeze attack during his Olympic smell-a-thon of the property. I just love that picture, I giggle when I look at it.

Of course, after a sneezing attack one must roll until the next sneezing fit starts :)

Well peeps, next up is the delivery of wood for the frame. It didn't happen today, so I'm still holding optimistic for tomorrow. We shall see.


  1. Things are looking good! Once the wood arrives, the framework will go up so fast you'll be ready to move in the next week. Then........comes plumbing, electrical, drywall, finish carpentry, painting, floors, carpet. Oh me - that's when you become eligible for lockdown! But, guess what? You WILL survive. lol

    1. There is a home not far from us being built by the same company. Jerame and I drove by it on July 23, and they only had the basement poured. We drove by again on Thursday night, and the framing was completely done! And that was a 2-story house, so more framing than ours will be. We've got high hopes for work getting done this week :)