Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Construction Update: August 1st

Construction continues to progress on the house, which just makes me oh-so-excited! Construction workers descended on the property yesterday, a multitude of them actually, to start constructing the basement walls. There were a lot of trucks out there yesterday, and even a handful of guys from the electric company to hook up our temp power. Our private lane was even blocked for a while. It was a crazy day here yesterday, actually. The hubby's mom came out to see the activity, a couple of nosy neighbors appeared, and a loose beagle was running around the construction site. Sheesh! I finally got a hold of the dog, who was very busy enjoying himself, and called his owner to come pick him up. It's finally starting to feel like we are on our way with construction :)

One of the many trucks parked at our property.

More trucks.

One big crane.

I'll admit, I don't know what this is :)

First look at the basement walls.

All of this was done yesterday. These guys don't mess around!

You can kind of tell there is a big drop here. The hubby was jumping around all over here, which made me nervous! It's pretty deep there!

Our temp power pole.

It's so beautiful :)

As much of the whole house as I could fit in a picture. There's multiple trucks behind me, so I couldn't take a step back.

On the schedule today is pouring concrete, actually pouring the walls! Today is supposed to be rain-free, so the day should go smoothly. Updates to follow!


  1. Thank goodness for a new construction post! I was starting to worry that all you had was a hole in the ground. I obviously have no need for beauty products and your coupon adventures are fascinating, but real men thirst for construction stuff. Now for some wet cement pix! Oh ya!

    1. Well, last week was pretty slow. On Wednesday they delivered gravel. On Thursday, they spread the gravel at the bottom of the basement. Nothing happened on Friday and Monday, so we were starting to sweat it. I think there are more people out there today than yesterday! I should get some good pics later tonight!