Monday, August 6, 2012

Construction Update: 8/6/12

Long time no see! I've been away from my blog for some time now, I think I was starting to have withdrawals. Last week was a busy construction week, and also a busy personal week. The hubby and I have been at his cousin's lake house in Tennessee since Friday, returning late yesterday afternoon. His cousin's lake house is in Lake City, TN on Norris Lake. The lake was huge, I swear it must have been 40 miles long! It was a super-fun weekend on the lake, filled with boating, jumping off rocks, water-skiing, and of course, beer. The lake was also so warm. The water was 86 degrees! I've never been in a warm lake before since all the lakes in Oregon have 50 degree water. Anyways, more about the weekend later, this is about the house :)

The walls for our basement were poured and waterproofed last week. So exciting! I have no construction experience so after 2 days of looking at forms, I had no idea what the walls were going to look like. When the wall guys came last Thursday and removed the forms, I was shocked to see perfect walls. It was a lovely surprise. Friday morning, as the hubby and I were headed out to Tennessee, the company showed up to waterproof the basement. I think the hubby was disappointed he couldn't stay and watch, but his uncle sent him pics when the waterproofing was done.

The boys have been very interested in the construction right down the road. Haloti hardly takes his eyes off them.

Picture of the forms used to set-up the concrete.

Wet concrete, our basement wall!

The only thing the hubby and I can figure on this blob of concrete is the construction guys had excess concrete, and just decided to dump it where the garage is going to be. They have to fill that in with gravel anyway.

The hubby loves to talk about the construction process :)

Picture of the basement with the forms removed.

After the waterproofing.

The beautiful basement!

Construction is moving right along! The hubby said the next step is the carpenters come out, and starting building. Yippee! They aren't out there today, so I'm hoping they will be here in the morning.

Happy Monday!

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