Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Wrath of Mother Nature

We had a heck of a storm roll through last weekend. This was a wind storm bigger than anything I've ever seen in Oregon. The storm reminded me of the wind Dorothy experiences prior to the tornado in "The Wizard Of Oz". I was expecting a tornado to roll through afterwards, from the volatility of the wind. I spent most of the evening standing by the window, convinced I was going to see a funnel barreling across the field towards the house.

The hubby's aunt and uncle's house faces a large field, so the hubby's aunt and I watched the storm come rolling in. And it rolled in fast. I watched the dark clouds move in, nervously. They looked so angry!

The wind that came through, came with winds of 60-70 mph. It seriously felt like a hurricane to me. The porch swing began violently swinging into the house, so Aunt and I had to go out, into the wind to take it down. It was unbelievable, the force of that wind!

What was even more incredible was the lightning show. You don't see stuff like this in Oregon. That, and thunder was clapping on top of the house. At least that's what it felt like. Gizmo hid under the dining room table the whole time.

Another lightning shot.

This is a before picture. See how dark the sky is?

I snapped this after shot of the lightning lighting up the sky. It almost looks like the sun, and that's it's a bright, shiny, sunny day. Not so much :) It was a pretty stunning moment of time to catch on camera.

After the storm, we got this crazy orange sunset. The severity of storms out here is astounding to me. Unfortunately, the weather caused a lot of damage around the area. While we only lost electricity for a couple of hours, millions of people in the area are still without power. The hubby and I's cell phones were also knocked out, they've just now begun to get service as of today.

Another bad thing from the storm? Our builder has been affected by the storm. They have been facing lack of power and unavailability of gas. This has moved our start date to probably Monday. Good lord, what else is going to stand in our way?


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