Monday, July 9, 2012

Detox, Continued

I'm still trying to shed the recent weight I gained. I've been working out every day, watching what I eat, and avoiding alcohol. I've been making sure to get my cardio in, and I've been concentrating on different areas every day for strength training. I've been rotating between ab, arm, and leg/butt workouts. I weighed yesterday, and discovered I had lost 5 lbs! A great start, as this lady won't be telling you how much I gained :)

I was having major chocolate cravings all day, and I knew I had to give in. I had to give in before the cravings became an all out free-for-all. This was a reasonable treat that felt like a major indulgence. I put together a sugar-free dark chocolate pudding cup at 60 calories, 20 calories of sugar-free cool-whip, and a banana at  a 105 calories. OMG. Life changer!

I made a batch of quinoa salad to eat for lunch this week, and so far it's been clean eating since the 4th. I think my detox is going to last at least one more week. My running shoes get a little more broken in every day :)

I may have to reward myself with a cocktail when I've accomplished my mission. But just one!

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