Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Third Time's NOT The Charm

The roasted chicken bested me. Again. Yes, that wily beast alluded perfection a third time. Sigh.

Looks can be deceiving
It looks pretty. But, much like the Griswold family turkey (I love 'Christmas Vacation'!), its looks betray the reality. I will admit, the breast meat turned out just fine. Moist, delicious, and done. But, when we flipped the bird over to remove the rest of the meat... it was not done. UGH! I was crushed.
I am a perfectly smart girl. And a pretty good cook! If you google "Roasted Chicken" you will find millions of people that can perfectly roast a chicken. It seriously irks me that people make it look so easy and I have yet to produce one perfect roasted chicken.
I am not giving up but I will probably wait a month or so before I try again. Give my ego a chance to recover. I don't think I have ever had so many fails at one thing before. I guess when I do get that perfect chicken, it will make the results all the better. And hey, last night's fail wasn't a complete waste. The underdone bird went into the crock pot and made about 8 cups of homemade chicken broth. It also made this musty house smell like a rotisserie. Loving it!


  1. Oh bummer I was really hoping it would be perfect for you :( but dont worry you'll get it for sure! Its better than me I have kinda just given up on meat and make Mike do all that kind of cooking lol! I will cook small things but when it comes to stakes/ pork loin or turkey cooking Mike is a pro and i just back away lol! So good for you on not giving up!...Still looks photo ready and yummy!

  2. I used to leave all the meat cooking to Jerame. Maybe I should have left it that way...lol. Next time, next time!