Friday, February 3, 2012

The Lust List: What I Am Coveting Right Now

Yes, I am a couponer that lives for savings right now but I am still a girl! And a girl with good taste at that. Here are the top 5 things that I am dreaming about right now:

Luxury Rebel Luma Boots
These motorcycle/riding boots from Victorias Secret. It's been a while since I bought new boots and I am really into the flat riding boots with skinny jeans right now. I like that these boots aren't too feminine, as that is not really my style.

Fossil's Boyfriend Stella Watch
Ah, I have actually been lusting after a new watch for awhile now. I have been itching to get a new tattoo (I think it's been 3 years since my last!) and my next tattoo is going to be a very small one on my wrist. Hence the necessity of needing a watch, as I like to be able to cover my tattoos when I want. I love Fossil watches and I love a little "bling-bling" so what's not to like about this watch?

Sephora Collection Hot Hues Purple Bag Collection
I love, love, love these makeup bags from Sephora. They are in my favorite color, of course, and they all match! Anyone that knows me knows my makeup collection is quite ample, multiple makeup cases are a must for me. They look perfect for traveling and looking chic on the go.

UGG Classic Hobo
I have been needing a new purse for awhile. I pick up cheapies here and there to get me by, but it's been a long time since I bought a quality purse i.e. a good investment. I still have the Coach purse my hubby bought me on the first birthday I celebrated with him. That was five and a half years ago! So yes, a purse can be an investment. I am not too flashy with my purses, I tend to stick to the basics. This means most of my purses are black. I like that this one is gray.

Urban Decay Naked2 Palette
I can lust after this item all I want and it won't do me any good. It's basically sold out everywhere. I bought the original Naked palette from Urban Decay probably a year and half ago and I still use it almost everyday. The colors are amazing and Urban Decay shadows are quality. The pigment is amazing in them and I get the best shimmer on my eyes from these shadows. I was so excited to see the Naked2, I am hoping I will be able to get it at some point.

And those are the things I am dreaming about at the moment. A girl can dream can't she? :)

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