Thursday, February 23, 2012

Losing Steam

Has anyone heard of Boo? That adorable Pomeranian with the lion cut that is all over Facebook? That dog has over 3 million followers! He also has book deals, Twitter followers, and has even been on 'Good Morning America'!

Probably like every other crazy dog owner in America, I totally think my dogs are cuter. So about a year ago, I went all gung-ho and created Facebook pages for my dogs, determined to show the world how adorable my dogs are. I seriously underestimated the amount of work it would be.

I can barely maintain my own Facebook page, let alone 2 other pages. So, I have decided the sun has set on Haloti and Gizmo's Facebook pages. There were some pretty cute pictures I had uploaded on their pages, so I decided to share some of those gems before they are forever gone.

One of Gizmo's favorite poses, showing off his vampire teeth
Haloti is the consummate lap dog
Sitting on the dash of Jerame's old work truck 
Gizmo and his best friend, "Blue Monkey"
Ready on a Game Day
Dressed for a chilly fall walk
Found himself a basket full of clean, warm towels
This silly dog loves laying on his back for some reason
One of my faves

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