Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hey, It's Ok...

One of my favorite columns in Glamour magazine is the 'Hey, it's ok...' column. They always crack me up and I always find more than one that apply to me. To that effect, I have compiled my own list...

Hey, it's ok...

-if you had to Google whether the proper usage of the term is "to that effect" or "to that affect"

-if you try to fit absolutely everything you can in the dish washer and loathe using non-stick pans because you hate washing dishes by hand. Isn't that what dish washers were invented for?

-if you consider a Lean Cuisine and chocolate chip cookie dough a balanced dinner when you're home alone

-if you'd rather have dogs than kids

-if you bake something strictly because you can't think of anything else to blog about

-if you are already tired of the upcoming Presidential election. Really? 8 more months?

-to like TV a little too much. Justified! Breaking Bad! Dexter! True Blood!

-to claim the TV was left on that channel when your husband catches you watching 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'

-if you don't really want to get to know your neighbors

-if you are disgusted by how much people spend on weddings. Kim Kardashian anyone?

-to love spending Friday and/or Saturday nights in sweat pants with a cup of chamomile tea

-if you have used self tanner for years and are still horrible at applying it

-if you have read all the Lora Leigh books that the public library has to offer and are annoyed there aren't more

-to read this list on IMDB and think the person that wrote it is absolutely INSANE!

-to never go outside without sunglasses on

-to be "that girl" that loves football, beer, and wings

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Superbowl weekend!

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