Saturday, February 25, 2012

Confessions Of A Mascara Junkie

Mascara is the beauty product that I couldn't live without, unless you count lip balm as a beauty product which I decidedly don't (lip balm is a necessity, not a beauty product people!). I think the latest stat I read was something like 61% of women use mascara. That's a lot of women!

My love affair with mascara started when I was 13. I have a lot of lashes and they are long, but they are stick straight. I hated them before I knew what to do with them. I first discovered the eye lash curler on my mom's bathroom counter when I was a child and it scared me. It scared me to see her use it. Still, I got over this fear and got up the nerve to press this thing onto my eye and was pleasantly surprised by the curl it produced. That is, until I put on a layer of mascara and my eyelashes drooped back down into the long, straight line that they always were.

I stood in front of the mirror, staring in disbelief. How could this be? All the magazines I read had promised model-worthy lashes with an eyelash curler and some mascara. Did I have mutant eyelashes? I was beyond frustrated. This frustration continued through many tubes of mascara and many months until the one happy day that I bought my first tube of... ta da! Waterproof mascara!

Waterproof mascara changed my life. Sure, it's controversial. Some women love it, some women hate it. There is usually not an in-between. This woman? This woman will never use anything else. From the day I bought that little, shiny, green tube of Covergirl wonderful-ness, I have never looked back. I flit from one waterproof mascara to another, from one brand to another but it's always waterproof.

Maybe it's something about my lashes, I don't know but I can't curl my lashes and put regular mascara on them without my lashes completely deflating back into that long, straight line that I have always despised. When I tell girls that I only use waterproof mascara, the number one thing I hear is that it's just too hard to take off. Pish posh! That excuse doesn't cut it these days with so many revolutionary makeup removers on the market! I have my curl and coat routine down and I have my makeup remover that is strong enough to remove waterproof makeup ready to go.

Hello, my name is Jessica. And I am a Mascara Junkie :)

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