Monday, February 27, 2012

Chihuahua In A Pouch

Happy Monday! I can't believe another weekend is gone. The blink of an eye, people, the blink of an eye.

We had a very pleasant surprise this weekend, a visitor from the West Coast! One of the hubby's friends was miraculously in town on business (I know, out here in the middle of nowhere!) so we got to spend Saturday and Sunday chauffeuring him around our small area, showing him the sites, and sampling our local cuisine. It's always wonderful to catch up with old friends.

Last night, the hubby decided to do something for Haloti that he hadn't done in awhile that Haloti goes absolutely nuts for... He put Haloti in a pouch.

Cheech in a pouch
There's no rhyme or reason, and there ain't no splainin' it. This dog loves to be carried around anywhere in this pouch. The hubby carried him around the house for approximately 20 minutes, but Haloti can't get enough! He even likes to stay in the pouch when the hubby sits on the couch and watches TV.

He's made himself quite at home
The funny thing is, when Jerame takes the pouch off and tries to get Haloti out of it, Haloti is pretty resistant to coming out. To the point of growling. Such a weird creature!

In other big news, the hubby and I just got back from the bank this morning and... we got pre-approved for a mortgage! Yipee! Our next step is getting a realtor and then we begin house shopping. I am counting the days till we move out of the rental we are currently in, I am literally having dreams about it. There's no denying it now, this kid is growing up :)


  1. Amazing, and how exciting! I am envious of you! That is going to be so much fun. With your tast any home you find and pick will look wonderful!

  2. I am so excited, I can hardly see straight! I have been ready for this for quite some time, I can't believe we finally get to do this! I do have to remind myself that the process can be slow, so deep breaths Jessica, deep breaths :)