Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New Beginnings

It was a rough week last week. Lots of little headaches gave way to a migraine on Saturday that is persisting. Grr. Worst time of the year to get a migraine, I have way too much to do! Exciting news though... Jerame started his new job yesterday! I am so proud of him! It was an incredibly hard process, finding a good stable job in this economy. Needless to say, Jerame has been walking on water since he found out he got the job and he could barely contain his excitement all weekend before he started yesterday. He will be making a lot more than what he was making before, not to mention all the perks that come from working for a big company i.e. health insurance, 401K, steady hours, and available overtime. This opportunity will really start a new chapter in our lives and we are ready! In the meantime, I am hoping this migraine goes away and I can continue getting ready for Christmas!


  1. I hear listening to Nickleback causes headaches! It does for me anyway. :-)

  2. Well Dad, Nickelback is obviously not in a genre you enjoy. Although I must say Nickelback is not good when you already have the headache...