Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July- 2011

This year was my first 4th of July in Kentucky. It was a gorgeous day! We spent the day in Grayson at Jerame's sister's house with the family. Due to Jerame's sister having to work at 4, we started our festivities early in the day. We had great food, great fireworks, and great company for the day!

Jerame was put in charge of hamburgers and all that is hamburger related i.e. making the patties and grilling duty
Me and Jerame in our 4th of July best
Our 4th of July feast! After our elaborate Memorial Day Weekend, everyone decided that we didn't even need half as much food! We ended up going old-school cookout with juicy hamburgers and charred hot dogs. Martha made a delicious homemade potato salad that was thick and creamy and full of fresh hard boiled eggs. Throw in some potato chips and mini 4th of July cupcakes and we had a truly Americana meal
Jessica, Joyce, Martha, and me. Joyce bought all of our 4th of July shirts for us. All the T-Shirts were $2.99, except for Martha's which was $2.49. Gotta love Old Navy! Where else can you look so cute for so cheap?
Jerame and and his brother-in-law Wayne. Had no idea they would be matching until we arrived at the Sexton's.  I guess a red shirt and camo pants was the official men's uniform lol
Setting off fireworks in the front yard
I just had to include this pic because I think it is hilarious. And yes, that is Jerame's mom in the background!

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