Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

It is definitely summer here in Kentucky. Or so I am told. It is true, it is HOT here. There are also massive thunderstorms! There were thunderstorms everyday last week as well as a tornado in Louisville. Luckily, Louisville is a couple of hours away. But scary!
This was what my weather looked like all last week. Summery right?
By the weekend, the weather cleared up. Saturday was overcast but the temperature was around 80 degrees and it didn't rain a drop. Perfect since it was our nephew Brock's first birthday! We headed out to Grayson (about a 25 minute drive from Ashland) to celebrate at Jerame's sister's house. It was a wonderful party, the birthday boy was well behaved and  really didn't even make that much of a mess with his cake! Just for comparison I have posted a pic from our other nephew Gavin's first birthday as well as one of Brock.
Gavin's 1st Birthday (a tad bit messy!)
Mr Brock and his cake
A couple more pics of the rest of us enjoying the party, sans rubbing cake all over our faces :)
Jerame's Aunt Martha, his sister Jessica, our nephew Brock, Jerame's mother Joyce, and I
Joyce, Martha, and I
I love this adorable picture of the 2 of them :)
Jessica's husband Wayne and their daughter Megan
It may not look like it, but he really did enjoy his new toys!
On Sunday, couponing continued! Jerame picked me up 3 Ashland papers, a Huntington paper, and a Lexington paper. I usually don't do any shopping on Sunday's except for CVS. I was given a tip by a cashier at my CVS who told me there are a couple of "extreme couponers" in Ashland that clear out the shelves on Monday's. Although my CVS was out of the men's body wash I needed for a deal and I had to get a raincheck for it, I still managed to get a lot for the $5 I spent.

CVS Haul 6/26/11
All in all, a great summer weekend here in Kentucky!

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