Sunday, March 8, 2015

Snowpocalypse 2015

I'm sure (if you follow the national news) you are aware of the winter weather activity in the Kentucky area. Earlier in the week, the governor declared a state of emergency. In our little northeast nook of the state, we received 16 inches Wednesday and Thursday. 

I took this photo on Thursday morning. We got another 2 inches throughout the day.

The dogs are not fond of so much snow. Haloti likes a little bit of snow to run in, but it has to be snow he can actually run in. When he gets in this snow, it buries him. Only his little head sticks out. You would think Gizmo would get completely buried, but since he is so light he only sinks in to his head too. Unlike Haloti, however, he gets stuck there. He can't jump or hop out like his brother. It's actually really cute, having to go save your little Chihuahua that's stuck in the snow. Gizmo is always ready to go inside after getting stuck in the snow. He heads straight for his treat, and then his heating pad. We actually had to get another heating pad because the boys were squabbling over the heating pad so much. What can I say? Chihuahuas hate winter. 

The poor hubby had to shovel all this snow out of the driveway because he was going to work the next day. It took him 3 hours. That was on Thursday, and he's still sore today. Luckily, the boys at work brought him a 4-wheel drive truck to drive in the weather, so he's been hauling around in that. 

Looking at my front door. Mountain of snow.

Side yard.

Looking towards our neighbor's house.

My patio and herb garden! Can you believe it? My herb garden is in the far right corner, completely and utterly buried

Perhaps the greatest casualty of Snowpocalypse? Our grill! Not only is it buried, but it's been frozen shut for like 3 weeks. Stupid winter. 

Our private lane. And thus the reason the UPS guy keeps walking our packages to us. 

Bird watching has been absolutely amazing. Amazing. I've got quite a few bird pictures to share, mainly because so many are visiting my yard right now.

I've had lots of hawks stalking the yard with the snow. It makes sense, there are tons of birds here. I'm trying hard to just let the hawks be, but it's so very much against my nature. However, yesterday I saw 2 hawks snuggling up in a tree. They looked like they were snuggling because they were cold, and I was just hit with a wave of regret. I always go outside, flap my arms, and chase them off. But they must be cold and hungry, just like everyone else. What will be, will be, so my new goal is to just let nature happen. Besides, I've got a flock of crows that's been visiting, and I've seen their pack chase off a hawk. I'll let the crows protect the little birds :)

Some of my favorite photo subjects- cardinals!

I love the pop of color against the snow.

They are so sassy too. Look at that face!

I think this female looks majestic.

Notice the mohawk!

Checking out a turtle dove.

These blackbirds showed up for the first time ever on Thursday. I believe they are Red-Winged Blackbirds.

Like the crows, they showed up in a pack of a dozen. 

This Dark-Eyed Junco is so fat! And totally cute.

I think this is a little sparrow. I loved that I caught him looking at me.

Squirrels gotta eat too.

And finally, I got this Red-Bellied Woodpecker at the feeder. He's usually at the suet or the squirrel cob, it's unusual to catch him at the feeder. I take that back, sometimes I catch these guys pecking at the feeder. You know, because it's glass and they can see the seed. I always feel bad when I catch them doing that.

Today is the hubby's last day shift, and as such, his last day with the big truck. Which means I get to go pick him up from work tonight. It got up to 40º yesterday, and a considerable amount of snow has melted. It's supposed to be fairly warm again today, so I bet even more will be melted by the time I have to leave the house to go pick the hubby up. While I'm not looking forward to driving, I am looking forward to leaving the house. I haven't left the house since we got all this snow, so it'll be good for me :)

That's my Snowpocalypse post. Hopefully, your weather is better than ours and you are having a fantastic weekend! Happy Sunday!


  1. Sunny and warm in the NW. I love it but kind of wish we had had some snow. Oh well hope you get spring soon.

    1. We are getting there! The past 2 days have been above 50º, a lot of the snow has melted, and yesterday was sunny and 60º! Spring will be here soon! :) Thanks for stopping by Jan!

  2. Now that's a lot of snow! I hope it warms up more than 40 soon.

    Gizmo and Haloti are so cute it hurts!! Poor babies in the snow.... Bubba likes about 2 inches and after that he's done with it LOL

    My mom is always chasing off a hawk in her yard too, but I think you're right to let it just be. I wouldn't watch it though.


    1. It was a ton of snow! It seemed to melt so fast though, days really. Not complaining, LOL! I wish I'd gotten a couple of photographs of the pups stuck in the snow, but I never took my camera out. Oh well.

      I've hit and miss with the hawk. Sometimes I let him be and then sometimes, I see one of my woodpeckers or chipmunks out there and I run outside to chase the hawk off. I'm a work in progress :) And you're right, I will never watch!