Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Minted Cantaloupe Popsicles

Argh, how is it Tuesday afternoon already??

This week has started. Swiftly. I feel like I've hardly had time to sit. Can I tell you that I meant to post yesterday and this morning? Really, truly, I did. The time has just literally been flying! A lot of my readers may wonder what a housewife does all day. You know, besides chilling on the couch in my jammies, eating bon bon's, and watching Days of Our Lives. Let me tell you about yesterday-

6:30 am- Woke up. Enjoyed 3 cups of coffee while making a grocery list.

8:00 am- Let the dogs out, fill up my bird feeders, water the garden. Get the dogs back inside, give them a treat.

8:15 am- Getting ready to leave the house when I receive a phone call from the hubby. Turns out the guys at his work are hankering for my Double Chocolate Chip Cookies. Since the dough needs to chill for 4 hours, I knew I needed to make it before I went to the store. Finish my hair, and plod into the kitchen to make cookie dough.

10:00 am- Cookie dough is finished and in the fridge. The kitchen however...ugh, time to clean.

10:30 am- Kitchen is clean. Gather all laundry in the house- as in, clothes, whites, and towels. Start a load of clothes. 

11:00 am- Out the door. Time to make my loop of dropping off the recycling, heading to the dreaded Walmart, and then produce shopping at Kroger.

1:00 pm- Done with my loop, head to my friends house to check on her dog.

1:30 pm- Make it back to my house. Start pre-heating the oven and take the cookie dough out of the fridge. Scarf down lunch while oven is preheating. Change over the laundry, put the whites in. Bake 6 dozen cookies when the oven is done preheating.

3:30 pm- Cookies are finally done! Change over the laundry. Now the lawn be calling my name. Quick change of my clothes, and off to start the lawnmower.

5:00 pm- One half of the yard is mowed. Head inside to change over the laundry, and change the sheets on our bed now that the whites are done. Pull chicken breast from fridge to let it come to temperature, season it. Pull zucchini's from fridge, prep and season those. Feed the dogs. Race back outside to finish the yard.

6:10 pm- Yard is done. Hubby will be home in about 30 minutes. Start preheating the barbecue to grill the chicken and zucchini. Run back inside to snap a few pictures of recent recipes. Change over the last load of laundry (which I folded the next day!).

6:20 pm- Start boil-in-a-bag brown rice for dinner. Put chicken and veggies on the grill.

6:35 pm- Dinner is ready! The hubby just arrived home, but the one thing I didn't have time for was a shower! Hit the shower super fast-like before dinner.

6:50pm- It's finally time to relax. The only thing left to do this day is clean up the kitchen after dinner. Exhausted!!

And people ask me how I'm not bored all the time. Ppppsssh.

Now, about these popsicles! I've been buying a lot of cantaloupe lately, it's the hubby's favorite fruit. I picked up a couple of really nice melons last week, with the intention of turning part of one melon into popsicles. I have mint coming out of my ears, so no problem there. I'm definitely going to have to find some creative ways to use all this mint, sheesh. I told the hubby that even inexperienced gardeners could grow mint or zucchini. How are they not weeds?? They sure grow like weeds! Anyhoo, the recipe for these pops couldn't get any easier. Throw some melon, a few mint leaves, and a little sugar water into the food processor, and voila! Easy peasy. 

I hope everyone is ready for some serious popsicle recipes this summer! Popsicles are one of my favorite summertime snacks, and I couldn't get enough of them last year. Something tells me this year is going to be the same :)

Viva la popsicles!

I'm in a silly mood today, can you tell? Happy Tuesday everyone!

Ingredients (makes 6 popsicles):

1/4 cup sugar
1/2 cantaloupe, cut into chunks
3-4 mint leaves


1. Combine sugar with a couple of tablespoons of warm-hot water. Stir until the sugar is dissolved.
2. Combine sugar water, melon, and mint in food processor. Pulse until mixture is completely smooth.
3. Divide mixture evenly among a popsicle mold. Place sticks in melon mixture. Freeze until pops are solid (4-6 hours). To remove from mold, run mold under warm water until you can jiggle the popsicle out. Keep frozen.

Recipe adapted from Tutti Dolci.
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  1. Anyone who reads this post should know that being a housewife is one of the hardest jobs on earth :)

    1. It's funny how I don't really consider it work because I am at home and I do make my own schedule. I enjoy it :)