Sunday, September 8, 2013


Haloti looks crazy!

I was at the self-checkout at Walmart, attempting to run my debit card. Apparently, their machines were having trouble. The terminal didn't take my card the first, or second time, but it did print out this "receipt" when it rejected my card the 2nd time. I took this to the cashier to see what I needed to do. The cashier looked at this for 1 second and then snapped at me that this was a receipt, I was fine to go. I just kind of shook my head as I left. Sure enough, this purchase never hit my bank account. Maybe the cashier should have taken 2 seconds to listen to me. 

Wild turkeys!

Seared Pork Chops and Roasted Baby Carrots with a Mustard-Pan Sauce.

This is inevitably what happens when I try to work out at home.

This is what happens when I ignore him when I'm trying to work out :)

Grilled Lamb Chops.

Siri is apparently an Oregon State fan.  This is the answer you get when you ask her what her favorite college football team is.

Coupon Haul 8/18/13: Spent $22.08 on $93.69 worth of product.

Coupon Haul 8/24/13: Spent $19.71 on $97.59 worth of product.

Coupon Haul 9/1/13: Spent $20.08 on $72.33 worth of product.

Hair freshly colored!

Making chocolate chip cookies for the hubby, watching football. It's starting to feel like fall!


  1. Haloti is ADORABLE!! Love that picture. And the lamb chops and pork chops look amazing. Happy Monday my friend!

    1. I just love that pic of Haloti. I'm definitely going to post the recipe for the pork chops next time, that was excellent. Happy Monday to you!