Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Random Thoughts: 6/12/13

1. Grass!

Our lawn is coming along quite nicely! We've still got a few "bald" spots, but overall it's looking like an actual lawn. We've been having afternoon thunderstorms all week, so we've had free watering service. Free water is always the best. The side lawn is starting to look pretty seamless with the existing lawn. You can still see the line of demarcation on the front lawn, but the front lawn is about 2 weeks behind the side lawn. I'm loving the look of the grass along with the white porch. The house is starting to look like it's not straight out of construction. I really can't wait until we pour concrete for the front step and a pathway, and then eventually, landscaping. Baby steps though, as this stuff is all expensive.

2. Dog Central

We're watching the mother-in-law's dog while she vacations in Florida this week. We've had him since Monday, and its all been... eventful. I discovered on Monday (after having the dog for a couple of hours) that he was covered in fleas! I was not ok with having fleas in my house for a week, so I went straight to the vet to get a pill that killed all the fleas in 24 hours. It appears the problem has been eradicated. I checked the dog several times yesterday, and didn't find a single flea. I vacuumed the whole house from top to bottom yesterday, and washed everything Barney (the pup) had touched. I found lots of dead fleas, but I haven't seen a single live one. I'm crossing my fingers we don't have to bomb the house. Barney, on the other hand, has gone on a hunger strike and likes to sleep most of the day under our bed. I'm hoping he comes around after he settles in.

My pups are dealing with a little bit of jealousy and neediness at having an extra dog in the house. Gizmo is bringing me toys a hundred times a day, and I've even caught him guarding the water bowl. Apparently, he doesn't want to share his water. Haloti likes to sit around, and stare at me with puppy dog eyes all day. I'm hoping they too will calm down after a couple of days.

3. Life is Short

In sad news, the hubby's uncle passed away yesterday. About 2 months ago, he was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer, and shortly after had a series of strokes that left him unable to walk, talk, or eat. We've known for the last 2 weeks that he wasn't going to make it much longer. It's just unthinkable, and so sad, that this man went from perfectly healthy 3 months ago to passing away. It definitely gives you a moments pause to think about just how short life is, and how it can end so suddenly. It really highlights the necessity of seeing the doctor on a regular basis, always getting your yearly physical (or however often is recommended for you), and trying to live a healthy lifestyle. It's all just so horribly sad.

Well, I apologize for leaving this blog entry on a somber note. However, life is a series of ups and downs, and the downs are just as equally important as the ups.

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