Thursday, May 2, 2013

Fashion Post: Swimwear 2013

Ah yes, it is time for a fashion post. If you are adverse to my consumerism-lovin' ways (ahem, Dad), you may want to refrain from reading this post. And, since I'm just covering my favorite swimsuit trends this summer for women, this may not be the post for you.

All right, fair warning.

There are so many cute swimsuit trends this season, I don't know what I want to do. I want 5 million suits, but let's face it. Bikini's are expensive! It's so ridiculous that so little fabric costs more than a pair of shoes. Or jeans. Or a dress. I, like most of us on a budget, will probably have to pick one. Balderdash. Here's some of my favorites:

1. Boho prints

Image source: Athleta
I'm a sucker for a cute, boho print. Actually, a few of my other trends are decidedly hippie-ish as well...

2. Fringe

Image source: Obaz
I'm loving fringe tops, also a pretty boho look. My favorites are the bandeau-style tops with fringe. Now, if I only looked Rihanna in a bikini, I'd be set :)

3. Flutter-kini's

Image source: Hush and Wonder
This is a trend that's newish, I haven't seen too many suits like this until this year. I like that it's a really different trend. And I'm loving these boyshort bottoms.

4. Nautical

Image source: Love My Bubbles
Nautical is actually a pretty classic choice, and looks good every year. I love the color-banding around the edges on this suit, though.

5. Bold Colors

Image source: All Things Stylish
Bold colors are in this season. Neons even. I love the back detail on this suit. Not something you see all the time!

6. Basic Black

Image source: Free People

Image source: Shop Style
Ok, ok, basic black is always in style. However, a corset top (via the 1st picture) is in this season, which makes it trendy. And the detail on the 2nd picture from the crocheting makes this suit very un-basic.

7. Cute One-Pieces

Image source: Obaz
So, the hubby would never let me buy a one-piece, but this suit is super cute! I'll just admire this one from afar. I don't think this one looks old-fashioned. Maybe some day.

Umm, this post has made me want to pull up a lawn chair by a pool... with a margarita in hand... sunning myself in a new bikini. Just need to find myself a pool! :)

Happy Thursday friends!


  1. !!!! Why are you picking on me? :-)

  2. LOL. I'll refer you to my "Is it Spring Yet?" post.