Friday, April 19, 2013

Product Review: VS Makeup Shimmer Eye Shadow in No Limits and More

I've got quite a few new products in my arsenal that I've tried recently, but these 3 today are the ones I'm most excited about. They're all Victoria Secret products, which I normally don't buy. Usually when I'm buying at Victoria Secret, many things take priority over their makeup. You know, skivvies, jammies, sweats, tanks, tees, etc. However, this time I couldn't resist. I had to try a few products. Plus, I had a couple of rewards cards and promotion codes to use, so I got these for a good price :)

1. VS Makeup Shimmer Eye Shadow in No Limits
It's really hard to pick out eyeshadow online! You can never tell if what looks taupe is actually copper, if what looks like shimmer is glitter with fall-out potential, or what the actual texture of the eyeshadow will be. I took a chance on this one, and I am pleased. This is a true taupe shadow, with fine shimmer, and a very blend-able texture. I'm a connoisseur of taupes, you could say. I hoard taupes like there is no tomorrow. In fact, if there were no tomorrow, I would have enough taupe to last someone for a couple of years. I get my hands on every version possible. My holy grail of taupe was previously from Urban Decay's Naked Palette, being "Side Car". The color was perfect, and it was the reason I kept wearing it. However, the glitter fall-out was huge. I just dealt with it. This VS eyeshadow just may take its place, though. It's just the right shade of brown (no coppery tones), the shimmer is pretty, and there is no fall-out. I love it. I always layer my shadow over a cream shadow, and I've noticed I can get 8-10 hours out of this shadow before it starts to fade. There's also no creasing, another bonus! The verdict? I will buy this shade again, and I would purchase this shadow in other colors.

2. VS Pro Lasting FX Eye Shadow Primer

I was a little nervous about trying this product, the reviews were hit and miss. Some people hated it, in fact. I decided to try it anyway. I'm quite pleased with this product. My main concern is longevity in my makeup, as the makeup I buy is quite pigmented. No complaints with the pigmentation of my products layered over this primer however, it's a great product for playing up the intensity of a product. What I was impressed with was how long my eyeshadow stays without fading or creasing. I loathe creasing. It's near the top of my list of makeup pet peeves, along with mascara goopies and foundation oxidizing to a color not found in nature. I judge all eyeshadows and primers by creasing. I have no creasing when I use this product, though. That aspect alone makes this product worth it for me. The verdict? Yes, I would purchase this again.

3. VS Makeup Hypergloss Eye Shimmer
Oh, I saved the best for last! I'm in love with this product. I bought this in "Soft Gold Lights" because the silver was on back-order. I was a little nervous to try it. I heard the word "gloss" in the product name, and kind of had this picture in my head of lip gloss on my eyelids. It was a gloopy, creasy, nightmare image. Luckily, actually using this product couldn't be further from that. The tube is pretty small, but you only need an amount the size of a pin head for each eye. The formula is extremely blend-able, which is why you only need the tiniest amount. It goes a long way. I applied mine over my shimmer eyeshadow, and it really does highlight the color of your eyeshadow (rather than turning your eyeshadow the color of the gloss). I took a step back after applying it, and looked at the effect in the mirror. It really does make your eyes look shiny, in a good way. The next thing I was worried about was, of course, creasing. Nope! I checked on my makeup every couple of hours, for about 10 hours. No creasing. No fading. I'm hooked! The verdict? I'm really hoping they don't discontinue this, because it's already become a staple in my makeup bag. I may have to stockpile it, just in case they do discontinue it.

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all have a great weekend!

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